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Slip-And-Fall Accident Claims: San Mateo/Santa Clara County

Even The Smallest-Seeming Accidents Can Cause Serious Injury. Our Firm Can Get You The Compensation You Need.

It probably happened where and when you least expected it. Walking down the street, going from a parking lot into the supermarket — you simply don’t expect something as simple as walking to lead to an accident that leaves you hurting and in need of compensation.

We can’t undo the accident that injured you and has seriously affected you and your family. What our personal injury firm can do is aggressively fight to get you fair compensation to make sure that a property owner’s negligence doesn’t leave you facing an uncertain financial future. Our attorney, Matthew Haberkorn, established our firm so that you wouldn’t have to face negligent property owners and their insurance companies alone. We’ll do everything possible to see to it that you don’t have to deal with a financial burden without fair compensation.

Learn More About Premises Liability Claims In California

Slip-and-fall and trip-and-fall cases are common names for premises liability claims. This term refers to anytime a property owner does something — or more commonly, doesn’t do something — that puts visitors at risk of injury.

Common situations that lead to premises liability claims include:

  • Failure to maintain sidewalks and walkways in a safe condition
  • Not cleaning up spills or other accidents that create a hazard for pedestrians
  • Inadequate maintenance of stairways — including lighting — that leads to dangerous conditions
  • Failure to provide adequate security that puts visitors at risk of criminal behavior, including robbery

The success of any premises liability claim comes down to the ability of a lawyer to get the information that matters: maintenance logs, cleaning reports, even surveillance camera footage. With decades of experience handling both sides of injury claims in California, attorney Matthew Haberkorn knows how to quickly get this important evidence — and most importantly, use it effectively to create a strong case for compensation.

You may be entitled to compensation for not just your direct injuries, but also any pain and suffering and lost wages. Learn more in a free consultation with our premises liability attorney: Call toll free  800-799-8410 now or send an email.