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Construction Accident Attorney In San Mateo County

Aggressive Legal Help For Construction Workers In The Bay Area

At Haberkorn & Associates, we believe in working hard for hardworking people. Few people work harder than those who work construction, doing often-exhausting physical labor in environments that can be full of risk.

If you or a loved one are injured on a work site, you may be familiar with the California workers’ compensation system. More likely, you have seen firsthand that workers’ comp simply cannot come close to making you and your family whole financially. It’s hard enough paying for never-ending medical bills; when you can’t work, making ends meet can be nearly impossible.

In some cases, it is possible to pursue legal action directly against the negligent third parties whose actions are responsible for you or your loved one’s injuries. This is above and beyond the compensation you receive through workers’ comp. Our personal injury firm can determine if you can pursue additional compensation through third-party negligence claims. If so, we’re prepared to see your case through to the positive outcome you deserve.

Learn More About Third-Party Claims In California | Offices In San Mateo County

Third-party claims aren’t lawsuits against your employer. Instead, they’re a legal action against another party to hold them accountable for their negligence. Examples of third-party negligence include:

  • Defective construction equipment that malfunctions and causes a catastrophic accident
  • Negligent driving by a subcontractor that leads to a truck accident
  • Faulty electrical or other construction materials that result in injury

At the end of the day, workers’ comp can only cover so much. A successful third-party claim, on the other hand, can help fill the gap by giving you and your family additional compensation to make up for your medical costs, lost income, and even physical and emotional pain and suffering. As someone who has worked hard for a living, you deserve nothing less.

Your case begins with a no-fee, no-obligation consultation, and at our firm you won’t pay lawyer’s fees unless we obtain compensation for you. To meet with construction accident attorney Matthew Haberkorn, email us now or call toll free  800-799-8410. We fight on behalf of construction workers throughout the Bay Area.