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What happens when surgical instruments are left behind?

When you get wheeled into the operating room to have a procedure performed, you put your life in the hands of the surgical professionals who are taking care of you. Although nurses and physicians are some of the most trusted professionals in the nation, they are human and can make mistakes. Surgical errors made by medical professionals, however, have the potential to cause long-term damage and may even kill unsuspecting patients. One of the most surprising errors involves medical equipment being left behind in a patient’s surgical site.

Breast implants suspected in making some patients ill

Hundreds of thousands of people in California and across the country have had breast implant surgery, whether purely for cosmetic reasons or for reconstructive purposes following a mastectomy. It is normal to expect greater satisfaction with one’s appearance after getting breast implants. However, most patients do not expect their implants to make them sick or threaten their lives. Unfortunately, some patients have reported adverse symptoms after getting implants, and some types of implants are suspected to cause a rare type of cancer.

Misdiagnosis: What you should know

When you go into a medical clinic or the emergency room, you rely on the physicians, nurses and staff to assess your symptoms, provide a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment that may improve your condition. Yet, the rate of misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose patients in California and across the country is alarming. Every year, at least 12 million people are misdiagnosed by medical professionals in these settings, according to a report published in BMJ Quality & Safety. In at least half of those cases, serious injuries were caused because of the diagnostic errors. 

Measuring the accuracy of electronic healthcare records

New technology in healthcare is designed to minimize medical errors and improve the overall quality of care of patients. More healthcare institutes across the country are implementing the electronic health record system as a way to standardize patient care and reduce errors. Yet, some healthcare records software systems have glitches that have led to some critical mistakes and deadly medical errors

What should I know about healthcare-associated infections?

Whether you visit your doctor or go to the hospital, the hope is that you return home feeling better than when you went in. However, as you and other Californians may be aware, healthcare facilities harbor numerous infectious elements, including harmful bacteria and viruses. In most instances, your medical team will be able to prevent you from contracting a dangerous illness during your visit, but this is not always the case.

A good doctor is an informed doctor

There are a number of reasons a California patient may have an issue with a treating doctor. Sometimes people find that their doctor seems to be slow in providing important information about a treatment. Even in the internet age where knowledge is available at our fingertips, it is still up to your doctor to understand all the issues involved with your treatment and provide ready answers to your questions.

Do doctors overlook the woman's rights in the delivery room?

The delivery room can be a hectic place. Trying to bring a new life into the world is a big deal. While women have been doing it since the beginning of time, nowadays, there is usually a team of people involved in the labor and delivery process. This may lead to a woman feeling like she is not being heard or that her labor is not going the way she wants. In these cases, women could feel violated and suffer long term effects.

Symptoms of infant brain damage

According to findings published by Birth Injury Guide, traumatic brain injury is the leading cause of disability and death in infants and children. Infant TBIs occur when a physical force from the outside puts pressure on or strikes the head. Typically, TBIs occur during childbirth and may happen when the head gets stuck in the birth canal or when a California doctor uses forceps or some other instrument with too much force on the baby's head. TBIs during infancy may also occur when the birthing process takes too long, thereby causing the infant to lose oxygen.

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