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Are budget airlines safe?

Flying can be an intimidating prospect, especially if you do not do it often. It also can be expensive. Californian airports are often packed and the demand for flights is high, so airlines can charge high rates for seats. However, there are new airlines catering to people who do not want to spend a fortune to fly. These budget airlines may leave you wondering what corners have been cut to offer such low rates. You may also be curious as to whether they are even a safe option.

How can I find out about product recalls?

Product malfunctions, issues and defects are things that happen all the time in California and across the country. When a problem is reported concerning a product, it is taken seriously at all levels. Some product issues pose serious liability for manufacturers while others are a simple inconvenience for you, the consumer. Regardless, when a product could pose harm, there are many ways authorities try to get the word out about it. The most common is to issue a recall. There are plenty of ways you can learn about a defective product recall.

What are quality defects?

When it comes to product liability in California, there are many ways in which an error can occur that leads to a defective product. One type of defect is a quality defect. According to InTouch Manufacturing Services, quality defects can range from no big deal to a serious issue. They can be of little risk to consumers or they could lead to serious risks to consumers. Identifying and fixing these defects helps to ensure products are of the highest quality. 

Are gun manufacturers liable when their products kill?

With all the recent talk about gun control and rights in California, it has brought to light the legal concept of liability. Gun manufacturers are in a unique situation. They sell a product that is designed to kill and harm, so if the product works as intended, it will kill or harm. However, at the same time, the product can be used to kill and harm in an illegal way. National Public Radio explains the complex situation when it comes to the liability of gun manufacturers

Why are plane inspections so important?

Before you get on a plane in California, there are many things going on behind the scenes to ensure you have a safe flight. One of those things is an inspection. According to Prime Industries Inc., plane inspections are an essential task to ensure the plane is safe and without any defects or issues that could possibly lead to an accident. Inspections are also done after a plane is built to ensure there are no manufacturing issues.

Proximate cause explained

When people in Redwood City hear of product liability lawsuits, they may quickly dismiss them as being the vindictive actions of unhappy consumers. However, the law does not simply allow an unsatisfied customer to summarily pin a problem on a manufacturer. Cause must first be established before one can have any hope of making a liability claim hold up to scrutiny. 

Man claims defect resulted in gun explosion and serious injury

In many cases, before a product is released for public use, it undergoes rigorous testing to determine it is safe, functional and effective in performing its purpose. However, there are times when manufacturing defects are overlooked which can create a significant hazard for users of affected products. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where consumers in California unknowingly use a defective product resulting in serious injuries or even death. 

Common causes of airplane accidents

Flying is often a faster alternative to traveling on the roads. But there are certain factors that can lead to passengers becoming hurt and dying. One thing that many people fail to consider when booking their airline reservations is the type of injuries they may sustain. According to AviationSafety.net, there were 325 deaths in 19 airline accidents in 2016. Those statistics do not include the number of passengers who sustained injuries. 

How can I report an unsafe product?

As a consumer, you expect the products you buy in California to be safe. However, you may run across a product that is not. If this happens, you should report it so other people can be informed and watch out if they have bought the same product. It also helps ensure steps are taken to prevent more harm.

Who is liable in a plane crash?

Planes are one of the safest forms of travel, but even so, planes do crash or have accidents. If you are involved in a plane crash, do you know who is responsible for any losses or injuries you sustain? Most people are not sure what to do after a crash or who to contact about getting restitution, so you are not alone if you do not know.

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