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2 common causes of car accidents involving pedestrians

Driving is a luxury many people in the Redwood City area enjoy. As convenient as driving is, not everyone does it. Many people still travel by foot and bicycle. At any given time, it is not unusual to see pedestrians on the streets. Though there are laws and safety rules in place to protect them from harm, they are not always effective. According to TrafficSafetyStore.com, annually, car accidents kill “more than 4,000” pedestrians and injure at least 70,000. 

Protecting yourself from unnecessary motorcycle injuries

Riding your motorcycle along the beautiful coastal highways of California can be both exhilarating and fun. Getting the most out of your ride and arriving safely at your destination is heavily reliant on your decision to uphold safety practices and follow the rules of the road. At Haberkorn & Associates, we understand the risks that motorcyclists face and have experience with helping victims of motorcycle accidents. 

Can car accidents cause catastrophic injuries?

Many drivers in Redwood City feel using distractions is a good way for them to keep them entertained while they drive. They do not realize how dangerous they can be. Driving distractions also increase the chances of catastrophic injuries and death for victims who survive the crashes. 

Can you take steps to be a safer pedestrian?

Whether you are walking to work, joining your children while their ride their bikes to school, or crossing the parking lot into the supermarket, you are considered a pedestrian in California. While it would be nice to assume that all drivers recognize you 100 percent of the time, there are incidents when driver distraction, obstruction or even carelessness can create a dangerous disaster. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe as a pedestrian so you can avoid injury. 

What is fatigued driving?

You have probably heard a lot about distracted driving and drunk driving in California. There are many campaigns to get the word out about how dangerous those things are. However, there is another common issue that can be just as dangerous as driving drunk or distracted. This is fatigued driving. 

Car accidents and serious injuries

When one thinks of car accidents in the Redwood City area, the first thing that may cross their mind is the amount of damage their vehicle sustained. They may even think about how close of a call it was that they are still alive and how glad they are that it is over. Many people do not give much thought as to how hurt they and their passengers are until they start to feel pain, see blood or are unable to move their bodies. 

Why are seat belts not enough protection for small children?

Many parents think back to the days when they were little and may not have been required to sit in a car seat when riding in a vehicle. If you are one of these parents in California, you may wonder why there are so many laws requiring car seat use today. You may also wonder why kids cannot just be put in a seat belt. After all, if it is good enough for you, then it should work for them, too, right? Wrong. 

What are some differences between major and minor car accidents?

Many people believe that most car accidents that happen in Redwood City are minor. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that "car crashes caused 35,092 deaths in 2015." Little do they realize that many motor vehicle wrecks do not end up with all involved parties looking at their cars for non-existent damage and going their separate ways. 

Traumatic brain injuries and car accidents

When it comes to car accidents in the Redwood City area, one of the first things that may come to mind is injuries. According to Biosociety.org, every year, “286,000 people sustain brain injuries in car accidents.” You cannot look at the aftermath of a car accident to know the extent of injuries the victims suffered. Even though some people do not end up with life-threatening injuries, the aftermath of car accidents often leads to a lot of pain and suffering for the victims and their loved ones. 

What to do after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident is scary for anyone. Many people are lucky enough to never experience one or to only have experience with minor accidents. For others, though, it becomes too real when suddenly they find themselves in a smashed car with injuries and possible concerns about their further safety. Because accidents are so unpredictable and nobody can be assured they will never be involved in one, every driver should know the basics of what to do after an accident.

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