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What risks do premature babies face?

Giving birth is supposed to be an amazing and wonderful experience, but if you go into labor early, it can be quite scary. Babies who are born before 37 weeks are considered premature, according to the March of Dimes. These babies face many health risks, which is why you may be separated from your child so he or she can go into a neonatal intensive care unit in a California hospital.

Alcohol-Impaired doctor loses license

When one thinks of medical negligence in Redwood City, alcohol intoxication is not a factor that immediately comes to mind. One of the most trusted groups of individuals in the country is doctors. You should be able to trust your health care providers without question. However, they are human, and many of them make mistakes that endanger the very lives they took a Hippocratic oath to protect. According to Yahoo Sports, physicians "should not practice and see patients if their ability to do so safely is impaired by the use of a controlled substance, alcohol, chemical agent or a health condition.” 

What is patient dumping?

Even though the United States is at the top of healthcare with advanced medical techniques and the ability to save lives in ways other systems cannot, it is suffering from a crisis. Affordable and accessible healthcare is not available to every citizen. This often leads to situations where patients are not treated properly in California hospitals. One such situation that happens all too often is patient dumping. 

Issues in communication often lead to medical errors

When you think about medical errors, you might find yourself wondering how and why they occur so often. The medical facilities and health care workers in the Redwood City are some of the best in the country. However, it is not uncommon to hear about medical malpractice claims from patients. Medical mistakes claim more than 250,000 lives every year, states John Hopkins Medicine. 

Do medical malpractice fears lead to more C-sections?

For most women, when it comes to giving birth in California, they want to do it as naturally as possible. Medical intervention raises risks, and you probably do not want to add to the risks of childbirth. However, you may get into a situation where the doctor recommends a C-section instead of a vaginal birth. Doctors do this for many reasons, but there is a new concern that they may be doing so to avoid medical malpractice claims.

What every parent should know about birth injuries

As first-time parents in California near their baby's due date, feelings of excitement and anticipation can often be over-shadowed by anxiety and nerves. Often, much of these unsettling emotions are rooted in a deep concern for their child and his or her health and safety. Because birth injuries do happen and can often be prevented with proper education and thorough care, it is imperative that parents receive a basic education about the risks their child may face during the process of delivery. 

Finding an OB-GYN who is committed to your health

If you have recently found out you are expecting your first child, you may have already started looking around for a trustworthy OB-GYN who is capable of providing high quality prenatal care for you and your baby. When you do thorough research to find a doctor who you trust and are comfortable working with, you can feel more confident about the protection of your health and your baby's safe delivery. At Haberkorn & Associates, we are experienced with the risks that California women face during the process of delivering a baby.

What risks are associated with hip replacement?

As you get older, you may notice parts of your body just do not seem to work the way they used to. Many people in California end up with hip problems. This is because this joint goes through a lot day in and day out from the moment you are born. You may end up being one of these people. If the time comes that you need a new hip joint, then it helps to be aware of the risks and complications you could face.

How diagnostic errors lead to medical malpractice

One common issue that is often overlooked when people in the Redwood area think of medical malpractice involves inaccurate diagnostics. Before doctors and medical care providers recommend treatments and surgical procedures to their patients, they often perform diagnostic tests to help them rule out other possibilities. According to HopkinsMedicine.org, medical errors that occur because of issues with diagnostic procedures cause treatment delays, missed diagnoses and inaccurate results and have a major impact on patient health. 

How can medical malpractice cause Deep Vein Thrombosis?

One medical issue that often results in misdiagnosis is deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a condition that affects many people in the Redwood City area, especially patients who are left in the same position for too long or suffering from serious injury, pregnant and have other health conditions. It can also occur on its own. Untreated, it can cause painful swelling, skin discoloration, severe bruising, pulmonary embolism and other life-threatening conditions, states the Mayo Clinic. 

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