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The common causes of helicopter crashes

Early in 2020, legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant and several others were killed in a helicopter crash near Los Angeles. While the incident was certainly a shock, the reality is that low-altitude helicopter crashes have actually been increasing in frequency for some time -- even as fatal accidents involving commercial airplanes have fallen.

What appliances are the most dangerous in your home?

With all the big names that manufacture appliances and all the money that they spend on advertising their products, you'd think that they'd spend extensive amounts of time testing them. It doesn't appear that they do though. This is why homeowners often get hurt when using these products.

Southwest flight attendants sue Boeing for an unsafe 737 Max jet

A group of Southwest Airlines flight attendants filed suit against the airplane manufacturer Boeing this week. The eight plaintiffs argue that the aircraft giant deliberately concealed the 737 Max jet's design flaws and safety defects from both the public, the airline and its workers. They're seeking over $100 million in damages for Boeing's indiscretion.

Negligence theories that apply in product liability cases

All you have to do is look at the sticker or tags on an item you buy. If you do this, then you'll quickly realize that California has some of the strictest product warning labeling requirements of all states in the country. This information is supposed to provide consumers with as many details as possible to make informed decisions about the products that they're buying. These warnings, unfortunately, don't keep consumers completely safe. There are two primary standards on which individuals can file product liability claims.

Kobe Bryant's death causes many to second guess helicopter safety

Traveling across town in a chauffeured car or a helicopter to avoid California's deadlocked traffic is a reality for some of the busiest and wealthiest individuals. While these modes of transportation may make it easier for high profile people to get around town, the crash of the famed basketball player Kobe Bryant's helicopter on Jan. 26 caused many to question just how safe these types of aircraft are.

You can hold an airplane manufacturer accountable for defects

The Boeing 737 MAX airplane has been grounded for months as the aircraft manufacturer and government officials at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have been working to assess the safety of the jumbo jet. This plane model was involved in two fatal crashes and many other close calls in the past two years. Plans are now in the works to get it back in the air flying once again.

There are some trends as to why helicopters crash

We often hear about helicopter crashes happening as part of military exercises on the news. There are a significant number of civilian helicopters that crash here in California each year though as well. The reasons that these aviation accidents occur are varied.

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