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What are the dangers associated with a subgaleal hemorrhage?

Many women carry their babies and deliver them without any incident here in California. Others have much more difficult pregnancies and childbirths. Two of the most common types of injuries that babies suffer during the birthing process in the United States are head or brain injuries. These can leave newborns with lasting impairments.

Patients must be their own advocates to prevent injuries

Medical malpractice is a serious concern for patients, whether they're getting a vaccine, going through a surgery or considering different treatments for other conditions. Malpractice can happen to almost anyone, and it's a real problem that has to be addressed when it does occur.

Why do obstetricians and gynecologists most often get sued?

One of the reasons that medical care is so costly nowadays is because doctors have to take out large malpractice insurance policies to cover them in case their patients file a lawsuit against them. Obstetricians and gynecologists (OB-GYNs) are one type of doctor that gets sued quite a bit more often than others. There are some trends for why these women's health professionals often face lawsuits.

What are the most common causes of birth injuries?

Birth injuries are a type of trauma that a newborn suffers during the labor and delivery process. National Institutes for Health (NIH) data shows that only 0.06 to 0.08% of all babies in the United States suffer an injury while they're being born. Those same statistics also show how less than 2% of babies die from birth injuries each year. Newborns are most vulnerable to getting seriously hurt when they're traveling within the birth canal.

Make sure that you thoroughly investigate your California doctor

If there's one piece of advice that patients are given when they're diagnosed with a medical condition and told that they should consider having a surgery, it's that they should weigh their options carefully. What most people mean when they say this is that patients shouldn't assume that surgery is the best option for them as another treatment may be more ideal. Very few patients take this to mean that they should investigate their doctor. They should though.

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