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Where the dangers lie in hospitals

Medical facilities are always full of ill and injured people, and they are required to do what they can to keep you safe from any contagions that may be present. However, even though hospital-acquired infections are a risk and a common medical mistake, other things linger that could jeopardize your life just as much, if not more.

When people think of medical errors, they often focus on the result of something much larger -- the underlying cause of the mistake. If medical facilities fail to correct and control them, medication mistakes, surgical errors, anesthesia mistakes and more will continue to happen.

What else you need to know

Researchers have found that underneath all the mistakes that do or could happen, several underlying causes contribute to nearly all of them. Consider the following:

  • Information is vital in making sure that you receive the care you need. From the doctor to the nurses to the pharmacists, without accurate information, you could suffer harm.
  • If medical personnel fail to adequately communicate, you are the one who pays the price. For example, if a doctor fails to communicate an instruction properly, it could end up causing a mistake in your care.
  • Medical personnel need to make sure you aren't mixed up with another patient, your assessment is thorough and you are given the information you need to do your part in your care.
  • Training and education of anyone involved in your care are crucial in order to avoid mistakes.
  • If a facility is understaffed, even hard-working and diligent medical personnel can make mistakes.
  • The technology involved in your care must work properly. Otherwise, it doesn't matter how professional, well trained or diligent the medical personnel are.
  • Medical facilities need to make sure they have adequate and efficient policies and procedures in place, and staff members need to follow them.

One of the most significant causes of mistakes in any medical facility is human error. Any number of factors can lead to a mistake, such as fatigue, failure to pay attention and more.

If you suffer harm at the hands of the medical professionals tasked with your care and you suffer serious and debilitating injuries as a result, an investigation into what went wrong will usually look for one of these underlying causes. If one of the above is found, it could provide the answer to why you failed to receive the standard of care you deserved.

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