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Southwest flight attendants sue Boeing for an unsafe 737 Max jet

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Product Liability

A group of Southwest Airlines flight attendants filed suit against the airplane manufacturer Boeing this week. The eight plaintiffs argue that the aircraft giant deliberately concealed the 737 Max jet’s design flaws and safety defects from both the public, the airline and its workers. They’re seeking over $100 million in damages for Boeing’s indiscretion.

The flight attendants relied heavily on congressional testimony from last fall to justify why it is that they believe that they’re entitled to damages. It was at that hearing that Boeing’s test pilots and other workers described how they were concerned about the effectiveness of the aircraft’s anti-stall software. The witnesses produced documents that captured their fears at the hearing.

Boeing’s 737 Max was involved in two catastrophic crashes during the past two years. Those accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia resulted in the deaths of 346 crew and passengers. Investigators tried to determine the cause of these crashes. They ultimately determined that it was caused by both a bad sensor and an inefficient anti-stall program. This plane was ultimately grounded on March 13 of last year.

Southwest officials argue that they lost as much as $450 million during the first three quarters of last year. The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association argues that the aircraft manufacturer purposely withheld information about the safety of their planes in hopes of getting them sold quickly. The pilots argued that they put everyone’s lives at risk by flying on such a flawed plane.

Aside from pilot error, it’s design or manufacturing defects that are often to blame for crashes. These incidents often result in significant loss of life. An attorney in Redwood City can hold any plane manufacturer accountable to the fullest extent that California will allow if you’ve lost a loved one in a senseless crash.