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March 2020 Archives

What appliances are the most dangerous in your home?

With all the big names that manufacture appliances and all the money that they spend on advertising their products, you'd think that they'd spend extensive amounts of time testing them. It doesn't appear that they do though. This is why homeowners often get hurt when using these products.

Where the dangers lie in hospitals

Medical facilities are always full of ill and injured people, and they are required to do what they can to keep you safe from any contagions that may be present. However, even though hospital-acquired infections are a risk and a common medical mistake, other things linger that could jeopardize your life just as much, if not more.

Southwest flight attendants sue Boeing for an unsafe 737 Max jet

A group of Southwest Airlines flight attendants filed suit against the airplane manufacturer Boeing this week. The eight plaintiffs argue that the aircraft giant deliberately concealed the 737 Max jet's design flaws and safety defects from both the public, the airline and its workers. They're seeking over $100 million in damages for Boeing's indiscretion.

Avoid these 3 driving distractions

How many driving distractions are there? You may instantly think that there have to be hundreds. You've seen people texting, taking pictures, talking to passengers, eating food, drinking coffee, dealing with kids, making phone calls and much more. Off the top of your head, you can think of a few dozen distractions right away.

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