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What are the dangers associated with a subgaleal hemorrhage?

Many women carry their babies and deliver them without any incident here in California. Others have much more difficult pregnancies and childbirths. Two of the most common types of injuries that babies suffer during the birthing process in the United States are head or brain injuries. These can leave newborns with lasting impairments.

A subgaleal hemorrhage is one of the more serious types of birth injuries. It often results from doctors using a vacuum extractor or forceps to remove a fetus from the womb.

Babies who suffer subgaleal hemorrhages generally experience bleeding just below the scalp and right above the periosteum, the area that overlays the baby's skull bones.

Many babies are born with a cephalohematoma or a single soft, fluid-filled sac along the scalp. It can grow larger after a baby is born. These generally disappear in the weeks following a baby's birth without medical intervention though.

This isn't the case with subgaleal hemorrhages. Babies who suffer these often experience an accumulation of blood along various portions of their scalp. This subcutaneous pooling of fluid can deprive a child of much-needed oxygen and other nutrients generally carried to the brain via their blood.

Babies who suffer a subgaleal hemorrhage may experience such significant blood loss that they go into shock. An infant may need a blood transfusion soon after such a diagnosis.

While many babies who suffer brain bleeds will go on to lead normal lives, this isn't the case with some who have endured hemorrhages. It's not uncommon for children who suffer brain bleeds to have feeding and sleeping problems, seizures or for them to be sluggish. A child may be left with such a severe brain injury that they experience cognitive impairments in some of the most serious cases as well.

Many babies suffer injuries when they're being born into the world. Many children recover from them without being left with any lasting impact though. It's often when doctors don't practice good prenatal care, pull on or twist a baby's head or torso more than they should or use powerful equipment to aid in the delivery that serious problems arise.

A medical malpractice attorney can advise you of ways in which you can recover the necessary funds that you'll surely need to care for your hurt child if their Redwood City doctor has delivered them in an unnecessarily aggressive way.

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