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How likely am I to end up with a brain injury from a car crash?

Most adult motorists have had the misfortune of having been involved in a car accident at some point during their lives. If they haven't, then they know someone who has had one. Most individuals who have crashes walk away from them unscathed. There are certain types of accidents that are more likely to result in serious head or brain injuries though.

There are two types of brain injuries. More minor ones such as concussions are caused by sheer force. The simple movement of your brain back and forth within your skull can result in this disorienting type of injury.

One of perhaps the worst types of brain injuries that an individual can suffer is a penetrating skull fracture. These commonly occur when a motorist's head strikes the windshield or steering wheel. Such an injury may leave an open wound.

A sudden forceful joint or repeated movement may result in bruising or a hemorrhage if it doesn't result in an open wound. An individual may not show any outward visible signs of injury in the immediate aftermath of such an injury but may experience a significant health decline over time after it occurs. An individual could experience long-term cognitive impairments or die if one of these conditions is left untreated.

Many individuals who are ultimately diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries often didn't think that they were hurt in the hours and days following their crash. It's only once they start experiencing sudden mood changes, unrelenting headaches, problems remembering and other symptoms that they realize that something must be wrong.

An attorney can advise you of your right to compensation for your medical costs if you've been left with a serious, lasting impairment as a result of a car crash here in Redwood City or elsewhere in California.

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