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You can hold an airplane manufacturer accountable for defects

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2020 | Product Liability

The Boeing 737 MAX airplane has been grounded for months as the aircraft manufacturer and government officials at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have been working to assess the safety of the jumbo jet. This plane model was involved in two fatal crashes and many other close calls in the past two years. Plans are now in the works to get it back in the air flying once again.

Boeing performed an internal audit late last year. Now FAA officials are reviewing the results with the aviation company. Federal regulators want to make sure that all safety flaws that the plane has have been adequately identified before approving it to carry passengers once again. In their statement, the FAA noted that they haven’t set any specific timeline for getting it back in the air once again.

Both parties have preliminarily determined that a wiring issue could be to blame for the two catastrophic crashes that happened. They believe that the wires short-circuited before their crashes. Boeing officials don’t believe that this is an overly complex issue to remedy but note that it may be time-consuming to address. Boeing has discovered that its 737 NG airplane also has the same wiring defect. There are at least 6,800 of that model aircraft currently being flown worldwide.

A Boeing spokesperson has noted that their executives haven’t yet decided whether there needs to be a redesign of the aircraft in question. Company representatives note that their priority is doing whatever is necessary to make sure that their aircraft meet all appropriate regulatory and safety requirements before flying them once again.

As a side note, federal regulators and Boeing have also identified potential problems with the strength of the plane’s engine rotors, the removal of a fuel tank coating and how well the fuel lines hold up when they’re struck by lightning. These could all be additional flaws that this plane has.

Plane crashes happen infrequently; however, they tend to claim many lives when they occur. If you’ve lost a loved one due to some type of aircraft design or manufacturing flaw, then an attorney can help.

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