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January 2020 Archives

Kobe Bryant's death causes many to second guess helicopter safety

Traveling across town in a chauffeured car or a helicopter to avoid California's deadlocked traffic is a reality for some of the busiest and wealthiest individuals. While these modes of transportation may make it easier for high profile people to get around town, the crash of the famed basketball player Kobe Bryant's helicopter on Jan. 26 caused many to question just how safe these types of aircraft are.

Patients must be their own advocates to prevent injuries

Medical malpractice is a serious concern for patients, whether they're getting a vaccine, going through a surgery or considering different treatments for other conditions. Malpractice can happen to almost anyone, and it's a real problem that has to be addressed when it does occur.

Your mind wanders as your brain sorts information while you drive

Have you ever pulled into the driveway to discover that you remember almost none of the drive home? Or have you ever felt surprised as you drive up to the back of a traffic jam, having to slam on the brakes and realizing you were not paying enough attention?

You can hold an airplane manufacturer accountable for defects

The Boeing 737 MAX airplane has been grounded for months as the aircraft manufacturer and government officials at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have been working to assess the safety of the jumbo jet. This plane model was involved in two fatal crashes and many other close calls in the past two years. Plans are now in the works to get it back in the air flying once again.

Why do obstetricians and gynecologists most often get sued?

One of the reasons that medical care is so costly nowadays is because doctors have to take out large malpractice insurance policies to cover them in case their patients file a lawsuit against them. Obstetricians and gynecologists (OB-GYNs) are one type of doctor that gets sued quite a bit more often than others. There are some trends for why these women's health professionals often face lawsuits.

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