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There are some trends as to why helicopters crash

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Product Liability

We often hear about helicopter crashes happening as part of military exercises on the news. There are a significant number of civilian helicopters that crash here in California each year though as well. The reasons that these aviation accidents occur are varied.

Data presented by the International Helicopter Safety Team Commonwealth of Independent States (IHST-CIS) in 2016 shows that there were 11 helicopter accidents in 2015. At least five of those crashes resulted in fatalities.

That data also shows that there was a decrease in accidents and more specifically fatal ones between 2005 and 2015. IHST-CIS’s statistics show that there was a 9.5% reduction in overall crashes. Fatal accidents decreased by 24%.

At least 38% of the crashes that occurred during those 10 years happened while the helicopter was passengers and cargo-involved aerial work. Another 14.6% of these crashes happened while individuals were using this mode of transportation for travel. The third-highest rate of accidents or 12.7% of them occurred while the helicopter was being used for agricultural work.

IHST-CIS data shows that 38% of helicopter crashes during that decade could be blamed on errors. Inadequate pilot judgment accounted for 34.7% of the accidents. Flying below a minimum safe altitude was blamed for 21% of them. Pilots were found to have inadequately responded to the weather in at least 18.2% of these cases.

Another 33% of the helicopter crashes that happened during those 10 years were attributed to violations. The pilot was found to have drifted below the minimum safe altitude in at least 55% of the accident cases. They violated the weather minimum in another 30% of them.

At least 22% of the helicopter accidents during that decade were deemed to have occurred because of system failure. At least 75.9% of all crashes were caused by engine failure. Main gearbox fires, broken tail rotor blades or pylons or booms and pitch or directional control or trimming failures were blamed for the rest of those types of helicopter crashes.

Helicopters are used by both workers and for leisurely reasons because they allow these individuals to reach remote areas that cars, planes and other modes of transportation can’t easily access.

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