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A consumer watchdog group announces 2019’s most dangerous toys

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Product Liability

If you have children, then they likely received many toys this holiday season. While you may assume that products have to meet certain safety standards to be released on the market, that’s not the case.

While manufacturers and distributors are expected to warn consumers of potential dangers a product poses, it’s ultimately in the consumer’s decision to decide what’s appropriate for their child. A report that captures what the most dangerous toys in 2019 were was released by World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. (WATCH) earlier this month.

One of the most dangerous types of toys released on the market this year were those that children can ride or jump on. A significant number of children developed head injuries after playing with these.

The WATCH researchers also found that projectile toys were another dangerous item that many children received as gifts this year. One of the dangers associated with this toy is that it’s capable of building up significant enough force to cause a significant eye injury if it makes contact with another individual.

Some dangers that have historically been problems with toys remain. Many of them pose choking hazards, have rigid edges, strings or are manufactured using toxic substances. Parents aren’t often adequately warned about these on product labels.

Data compiled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) shows that there were at least 1.2 million toys released on the market in Canada and the U.S. between Jan. and Oct. 2019. Only 27 of them were recalled. Many of them were ordered to be removed from the market after children were cut, strangled or poisoned.

Many consumers who register their children’s toys find out about recalls when the manufacturer or distributor reaches out to them. Others find out when the online retailer that they bought them from contacts them.

Countless others receive items as gifts or purchase them in a physical store that never learns about these recalls. These are the individuals that are most likely to get hurt because they continue to play with these defective products.

If you or your child have been unnecessarily hurt by a dangerous toy, then you owe it to yourself to consult with a products liability attorney here in Redwood City. Your California lawyer can review your case and advise you of your right to recover compensation for your injuries.