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What are the leading causes of spinal cord injuries?

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While a nonpreventable disease can cause someone to develop a spinal cord injury (SCI), it’s not the primary factor that leads to such a condition. The leading type of incident that causes SCIs is preventable accidents.

Research compiled by Healthline shows that car accidents are the leading cause of SCIs in the United States. Data compiled by the health news company shows that at least 48% of the females and nearly 30% of the males who were ultimately diagnosed with an SCI in 2014 were injured in car crashes.

Motorcycle accidents are another leading cause of spinal cord injuries. Most safety analysts argue that bikers are most vulnerable to these accidents because they lack the outside protection of a car around them. Motorcyclists are also vulnerable to suffering SCIs because they tend to travel at high rates of speed. These two factors put bikers at extreme risk of getting seriously hurt if they’re involved in a crash.

Pedestrians are also particularly vulnerable to suffering SCIs. Motorists are often distracted by someone walking alongside the road. This can cause them to veer in their direction. Pedestrians may also lose track of where they’re walking or become disoriented by the lights causing them to walk in the path of vehicles. Nighttime is particularly dangerous for pedestrians to be walking down the side of the road as visibility is often poor.

Bicycle crashes are another leading cause of SCIs. Bike riding can be dangerous no matter if it takes place on the sidewalk, the shoulder of the road or out on a trail. Potholes, motorists and rugged terrain can all make for dangerous situations.

SCIs are relatively rare. While some individuals have been successful in recovering from such an injury, countless others are left with a lifetime disability as a result of their crash. An attorney here in Redwood City can advise you how California law allows you to recover compensation to pay for both your current and future medical bills.