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The leading causes of plane crashes: Pilot error and part defects

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Product Liability

Plane crashes are often catastrophic. It doesn’t matter if they involve a single-engine prop plane or a jumbo jet, passengers and crew members are lucky to survive these types of incidents. If you ever see a plane following an accident, you’ll often see a mangled mess. The fact that planes seldom remain intact and its occupants often are seriously injured or die makes it extremely difficult to pinpoint the cause of plane crashes.

There are two primary causes of airplane crashes. Many of these incidents result from product defects. These flaws can be caused by faulty designs or manufacturing. Pilot negligence is the leading cause of plane accidents, though.

As you might imagine, airplanes are much like any automobile in that these motor vehicles are seldom designed and manufactured by the same entity. There are instead multiple parties that produce parts that are used when producing these modes of transportation.

Crash scene investigators often have to pour over the mangled mess that’s left behind after a catastrophic crash to try to rule out whether one component failed to perform as intended or another one did. It’s common for an injured party, the plaintiff, to sue the manufacturer of the poorly functioning part to sue for damages.

Investigators sometimes determine that faulty equipment isn’t to blame for a crash, but a pilot’s negligence is instead. Data published on PlaneCrashInfo.com details how as many as 50% of all plane crashes may be attributed to pilot error.

If investigators determine that a pilot’s actions caused a crash, then this may give a plaintiff reason to sue their employer, the airline, for their injuries or untimely death.

Proving that a pilot was negligent or that a specific part of the plane malfunctioned is not easily done. Investigations must be performed by skilled professionals who have experience in making determinations about what went wrong. Even still, the battle’s not yet won.

Parts manufacturers and airlines will often deny negligence to mind their bottom line. This is why you need to have an experienced attorney representing your interests if you’ve been hurt in an aviation accident due to an airplane defect here in Redwood City or elsewhere in California.