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Airline safety videos: important or mindless entertainment?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2019 | Product Liability

If you took a flight recently, you may have noticed that the pre-flight safety presentation was engaging and maybe even humorous. In fact, numerous viral videos have surfaced showing the flight attendants of certain airlines making pre-flight presentations that can almost double as stand-up comedy. Like other California residents, you may wonder if entertaining safety presentations are necessary or appropriate. After all, they are meant to educate passengers on such vital matters as locating emergency exits and using flotation devices and oxygen masks. Not a laughing matter, you may think.

As it turns out, modern safety videos and in-person presentations are becoming more entertaining because studies show that passengers retain this information when they are presented in an engaging way. You are more likely to tune out when the flight attendant presents the safety instructions in a monotonous drone. Intelligencer explains that many airline safety videos are not only developed to capture passengers’ attention, but also double as advertisement, as recent videos featuring popular Hollywood characters are demonstrating.

When you and your fellow passengers know how to react during an in-flight emergency, you increase your chances of avoiding injury. This also helps to serve an airline’s legal interests, as they may show that a thorough, engaging safety video meets or exceeds standards in educating passengers on their safety options.

The safety features and emergency procedures present during any flight are meant to protect you. However, there are instances when an airplane part is defective or fails to protect passengers as it is meant to do. You may be eligible for compensation if this was the case.