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Should I look for a new doctor?

It's important to have a good relationship with your primary care physician. When this is relationship is lacking, your health can actually suffer. If you're unhappy with the current level of care you're receiving, Marketwatch recommends looking out for the following red flags.

Your doctor is quick to recommend surgery

Be wary of a doctor who jumps to the most extreme treatment right away. While surgery may be necessary for some conditions, most doctors prefer a conservative approach when it comes to treatment. This entails trying out less invasive treatments and monitoring the condition, after which time surgery may become an option. While you certainly want your medical staff to take action when necessary, you also want to avoid unneeded surgical risks when other treatment might also suffice. 

Your doctor doesn't listen to your concerns

Patients accept their doctors are medical authorities. However, all good doctors take the time to listen to their patient's concerns. For instance, a patient's medical background and family history can inform future treatments and shed light on any symptoms they may be experiencing. Medical staff must take the time to listen to your concerns, both to provide comprehensive treatment as well as to ensure all aspects of your care are covered. A doctor that is unwilling to listen or dismissive is more likely to make mistakes or overlook key occurrences. 

Your doctor discourages second opinions

When faced with a medical diagnosis, second opinions can be life-savers. That's why your doctor should be encouraging about you visiting another doctor, particularly when it comes to specialized care. Your doctor should also be willing to provide information about your health to other doctors, so they can make the best decisions about your treatment. Physicians who dissuade patients from seeking alternate opinions or are unwilling to coordinate care properly are standing in the way of their patients' well-being. 

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