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Sunnyvale auto-pedestrian collision believed to be intentional

Car accidents that occur in Redwood City are typically just that: accidents. Even in cases where one was driving recklessly, there typically is no intention to cause anyone else any harm. This is likely due to the fact that were one to cause an accident intentionally, they may be just as likely to sustain serious injuries themselves. Thus, if evidence suggests that one did indeed intend to cause an accident, their mental state at the time of the collision may rightly be called into question. 

That is exactly what is happening in the wake of an accident in Sunnyvale which saw a car strike as many as eight pedestrians before crashing into a tree. Witness accounts claim that the driver intended to hit a group of people with his vehicle, even going so far as to correct the vehicle's trajectory and accelerate in order to do so. While some witnesses claim that the driver attempted to flee following the collision, law enforcement officials say that he was there waiting for them when they arrived. The man reportedly expressed little remorse for what he had done. Evidence uncovered during the subsequent investigations suggests that he may have targeted the group believing some of them were Muslim. The man reportedly has suffered from PTSD due to his experience in the military. 

In this particular case, the driver is facing multiple counts of attempted murder. Victims in this instance as well as in others like it may certainly feel justified in seeking compensation even if it means holding civil proceedings in conjunction with a criminal investigation and trial. Those hoping that their ventures equate to success may want to work with an attorney to improve their chances of securing it. 

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