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South Valley auto accident kills five

Much debate may exist amongst residents of Redwood City over who is ultimately responsible for the safety of motor vehicle passengers. The driver of a vehicle is, of course, takes with driving safely, yet their actions can only go so far in avoiding accidents. After that, it is up a vehicle's restraint systems to protect passengers. There may be little debate over the notion that a driver should ensure that any minors riding in their vehicle be buckled in, yet what about adult passengers? Given their knowledge, one might argue that it is up to them to see to their own safety by wearing their seat belts. 

The issue of a driver's liability to their passengers may certainly come up after the five occupants of a vehicle were killed in a collision in the South Valley. Authorities are still investigating what caused the accident, yet what is known is that the vehicle was traveling at a high speed before crashing into a tree. Authorities responding to the scene have yet to determine whether alcohol or negligence played a part in the crash, yet they have confirmed that at least the driver was wearing a seatbelt. The car seat carrying one of the child occupants of the vehicle, however, was improperly installed. 

An improperly installed car seat may lead people in similar scenarios to accuse a driver of negligence. That may lead to further assumptions of recklessness, which ultimately end in the assigning of liability. Once that has happened, accident victims who stand in need of compensation may know who to seek it from. Earning such compensation may become much easier if one has the assistance of an attorney to rely on. 

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