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February 2019 Archives

Why does a little bolt mean many Army helicopters are grounded?

While flying in general is much safer than driving a car in California, there is still the issue that crashes of aircraft are usually much more severe than car crashes. A minor fender bender is common with vehicles, but there is no such thing with an air craft. If something goes wrong on the road, you can pull over. If something goes wrong in the air, you may not get the chance to get back to the ground. This is why aircraft maintenance is taken so seriously. That is even more true when it comes to the military and helicopters. A recent bolt issue with Boeing's AH-64 Apache helicopter has led to a critical safety issue, according to Business Insider.

South Valley auto accident kills five

Much debate may exist amongst residents of Redwood City over who is ultimately responsible for the safety of motor vehicle passengers. The driver of a vehicle is, of course, takes with driving safely, yet their actions can only go so far in avoiding accidents. After that, it is up a vehicle's restraint systems to protect passengers. There may be little debate over the notion that a driver should ensure that any minors riding in their vehicle be buckled in, yet what about adult passengers? Given their knowledge, one might argue that it is up to them to see to their own safety by wearing their seat belts. 

Missing work due to a motorcycle accident

Motorcycle crashes often leave victims with many different problems, such as serious injuries and financial issues due to medical costs. However, there are other consequences associated with these wrecks that do not always receive as much attention. For example, someone may have to miss work because of motorcycle accident injuries, which can not only disrupt their career but may lead to financial hardships as well. If you have had to take time off of work because of a motorcycle accident, it is important to review any legal options you may have if the incident was caused by someone else’s careless behavior.

How can I prevent being in a car accident?

Nobody plans on being in a car accident in California. You may be having a great day when out of the blue you are suddenly in the aftermath of an accident. It is confusing and upsetting. If you can plan ahead for a car accident, even though you hope one never occurs, it may help make things easier if it does happen.

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