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Surgery site infections can cause great harm

You have made it through surgery and you believe that, aside from a reasonable period of recovery, that you are in the clear. The surgery successfully resolved the medical issues that had been causing you problems and you can look forward to days of better health. However, if your doctors or your surgery team in Redwood City have not followed the proper procedures in conducting your operation, you might be at serious risk of a surgery site infection.

According to John Hopkins Medicine, the risks of developing a surgery site infection are actually very low, with only 1 to 3 percent of surgery patients developing an infection. When doctors use sanitized instruments and cover their hands with gloves, they can prevent the spread of germs that can cause an infection. On the other hand, negligence in performing an operation could contaminate a surgery site and cause serious health problems.

A number of symptoms can indicate a surgery site infection. Sometimes the surgery site takes a longer time to heal than your doctor had indicated. The surgery site area may also feel warm to the touch. Other possible symptoms include pain, red skin, swelling, and fever. Some infections are known to produce pus. Sometimes the surgery wound reopens and exposes pus, or a doctor may find pus upon re-opening the wound to examine it.

Very Well Health warns that infections can be very dangerous if not dealt with. An infection that starts off small can spread throughout the body and create life threatening ailments. These can include pneumonia, sepsis, septic shock, and severe forms of diarrhea. To combat these infections may require the patient to return to the hospital for more treatment.

Even if the infection is more localized and does not develop into a life threatening malady, the consequences can still be severe. An infection that damages a limb beyond the point of recovery could result in a finger, hand, arm or leg being amputated. The damage wrought by a surgery site infection can disable a person and leave the patient dealing with a diminished quality of life for the remainder of his or her life.

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