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January 2019 Archives

Is your doctor prescribing too much medication?

Sometimes medication is exactly what you need to make you feel better, but other times, your doctor may prescribe you medication that does not help anything and could possibly harm you. Overprescribing is a serious issue. You should always stay on top of medications your doctor in California gives you. Do not be afraid to ask if your doctor is prescribing too much medication.

What are the product liability concerns with marijuana?

The laws relating to marijuana are changing constantly at the state level. However, the federal government remains firmly on the side of marijuana being illegal. California was a leader in legalizing marijuana. Not having state and federal laws on the same page has already created issues, but there are other problems that could come up in regards to product liability.

Do hands-free devices make things safer?

It is pretty clear that using a cell phone to text, watch videos or do anything where you have to take your eyes off the road is very dangerous. California roadways are definitely safer when drivers do not try to use cell phones behind the wheel. However, if you are like most people, you probably see nothing wrong with using a hands-free device or technology, such as Bluetooth, to make and receive phone calls when you drive. The reality, though, is this may not be as safe as you think it is.

Surgery site infections can cause great harm

You have made it through surgery and you believe that, aside from a reasonable period of recovery, that you are in the clear. The surgery successfully resolved the medical issues that had been causing you problems and you can look forward to days of better health. However, if your doctors or your surgery team in Redwood City have not followed the proper procedures in conducting your operation, you might be at serious risk of a surgery site infection.

What constitutes a design defect?

When a product injures you and you file a product liability lawsuit, the California courts will seek to answer the question of how the injury happened. If the courts determine that the product was defective, they will then try to determine whether the defect was a design defect or a manufacturer defect.

What is Good Manufacturing Practice?

When a manufacturer creates a product, it is bound by a variety of laws in California. In addition, the manufacturer also is bound by industry and manufacturing standards that are the normal procedures followed by all manufacturers. One of those is Good Manufacturing Practice. GMP, according to the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, is a general manufacturing process that ensures the production of products is consistent and controlled.

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