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How can I recognize a drunk driver?

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being aware when you are on the roads in California can help you to avoid serious car accidents. One of the biggest risks out there is drunk drivers. Spotting a drunk driver and alerting the authorities is not only a way to keep yourself safe but it keeps everyone on the road safe. While it is not your job to confront or stop the drunk driver, you can report him or her to the authorities.

MADD offers some tips for recognizing a driver under the influence because it is not always easy to do so. Of course, a driver will not act properly on the roads. He or she may take dangerous actions or do things that do not make sense, such as speeding up and then slowing down rapidly. He or she may travel outside the lane and jerk the vehicle back into the lane.

Other things to watch for include weaving and abrupt motions, such as turning fast. A driver may do confusing things, such as using a left turning signal when turning right or not having the lights on at night.

In general, a drunk driver is doing things that could lead to an accident. You should never try to handle the driver yourself. Just notify authorities as soon as possible. Make sure to provide details about the driver and vehicle, including the license plate number, color of the vehicle and a general description of the driver. This information helps law enforcement when they look for the driver. This information is for education and is not legal advice.