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Evaluating injuries after an auto accident

The aftermath of an auto accident can result in severe and traumatic physical injuries that can impact a person for life. However, some people manage to make it through an accident with little apparent injury. Still, a vehicular accident may leave its mark on a person in other ways, including psychological or mental harm. Knowing what to look for is crucial so you can seek treatment shortly after your auto accident in California.

Following an auto accident, victims could experience changes in behavior. The Brain Injury Association of America explains that the aftermath of an accident may leave you feeling irritable. It becomes harder to reach a good mood. Anxiety and depression can also result. You may have a loss of internal drive, which reduces your productivity. Conversely, you might become more reckless and do things impulsively.

Accident victims may also have cognitive problems. Cognition describes how the human brain processes and uses information. Even if you do not think you have suffered a blow to the head, you cannot discard the possibility that sudden problems with your memory, an inability to pay attention, or difficulty focusing were caused by your recent accident. The human brain can take damage even if the body is merely jolted without the head being directly impacted.

In addition, your sleeping schedule could be disrupted. If you typically fell asleep around eleven in the evening and woke up around seven in the morning every day but now find that you go to sleep much sooner and wake up a little later, your recent accident could be at fault. Accident victims may suffer from a lack of energy and have a frequent need to sleep, or conversely may experience insomnia and have trouble sleeping.

These possibilities should be accounted for when taking stock of your life following an accident. Family Caregiver Alliance explains that behavioral and cognitive rehabilitative efforts could be needed to recapture skills lost as a result of your injury. Neuropsychologists may also be able to assist you. Ultimately, it could take some time to discover the best strategies to help an injury victim regain their footing in life.

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