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November 2018 Archives

What are common carriers?

If you have heard the term “common carrier” but are not sure what it means, you might be surprised to learn that most people use common carriers without knowing it. When you travel on an airplane, you are using a common carrier. As FindLaw explains, common carriers are vehicles like buses, cabs, commercial airliners or just about any privately owned mode of transportation that ferries a person in California from one location to another.

Evaluating injuries after an auto accident

The aftermath of an auto accident can result in severe and traumatic physical injuries that can impact a person for life. However, some people manage to make it through an accident with little apparent injury. Still, a vehicular accident may leave its mark on a person in other ways, including psychological or mental harm. Knowing what to look for is crucial so you can seek treatment shortly after your auto accident in California.

Speed and alcohol key accident factors

If you are like most people who live in California, you know that car accidents can and do happen. You might even assume they will happen and that there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show how many people are killed in accidents that really have no reason for happening. Crashes in which excessive speed and alcohol are involved are completely avoidable if drivers would make safe and responsible decisions. 

How dangerous could your bike ride be?

In California, there are many places where you can get your bike out and enjoy a leisurely ride with excellent scenery. Unfortunately, Haberkorn & Associates also understands that because of certain factors, you can be putting yourself at risk any time you go out on your bike.

Finding the right orthopedic specialist for your child

If your child’s pediatrician has referred you to see an orthopedic specialist, you may have many questions. How do you find a doctor you can trust? Do you follow the pediatrician’s recommendation or look for someone on your own? You may be facing a complicated condition, or even surgery for your child. You want to protect your child from further injury. How do you find the best doctor for your child?

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