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What should happen in the aftermath of a parking lot accident

Many California drivers understand what should happen if they get into an auto accident on a public road. The motorists involved in the collision would exchange information, the police would be called to the scene, and the driver who was struck in the collision would file an insurance claim. But what if you happen to get in an accident in a parking lot? As it turns out, many of the aforementioned steps would not change at all.

Naturally, if you or the other driver were hurt in a parking lot collision, you should first call for emergency medical assistance. The first priority in any auto accident is to make sure no one is seriously hurt and that you and the other driver receive medical attention if needed. Even if you do not spot an immediate sign of injury, check with a doctor as soon as possible since some injuries do not manifest until later.

Also, even though your accident occurred in a parking lot, U.S. News and World Report points out that you should still call the police to file a report on your collision. This is especially important if you or the other driver sustained an injury. If you do not have an accident report on file with the police, the other motorist may turn around and claim you were the one at fault.

Additionally, keep in mind that the motorist who hit you should not leave the scene. Hits and runs are against the law, and Insurance.com points out that no exceptions are made if the accident occured in a parking lot. In fact, a parking lot might be an even worse location to flee from than a public road. The nearby stores could have security cameras that recorded the incident and have probably picked up the other motorist’s license plate. Also, a lot of people pass through parking lots and could have witnessed the incident.

Basically, you would handle an aftermath of a car collision in a parking lot in much the same way that you would deal with an accident on the street. You would call in the police, gather information on the other vehicle, and file a report with your insurance company. In the event you are seriously hurt because of the accident, you would also be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries.

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