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October 2018 Archives

Why is your doctor spending so little time with you?

Like most in Redwood City, you do not look forward to a visit to your doctor. In fact, once your examination begins, you may be silently hoping for it to end. However, you certainly do not want your doctor to feel the same way about seeing you. You expect them to take the time needed to accurately assess your clinical condition and come up with a correct diagnosis. The question then becomes how long is needed for that to happen? 

How quickly do palsy birth injuries heal?

Of all the stages of human development, infancy is probably the one with the most resilience. Your baby, while delicate and vulnerable, is probably able to heal incredibly quickly from many bumps and bruises. However, there are some injuries your infant might sustain that might not heal naturally, brachial plexus avulsion injuries being one example. 

What should happen in the aftermath of a parking lot accident

Many California drivers understand what should happen if they get into an auto accident on a public road. The motorists involved in the collision would exchange information, the police would be called to the scene, and the driver who was struck in the collision would file an insurance claim. But what if you happen to get in an accident in a parking lot? As it turns out, many of the aforementioned steps would not change at all.

Why modified joint liability affects your malpractice damages

After enduring years of pain, you finally agreed to knee replacement surgery. Unfortunately, upon waking up from your anesthesia, you find that surgeons did not operate on your knee. They, instead, removed your appendix. Due to a mix up in forms and patient identification, surgeons accidentally performed another patient’s surgery on you.

What should I do after an accident?

Even the safest California drivers may find themselves involved in a car accident at some point. This experience can be extremely stressful, especially when excessive property damage and injuries occur. While you can’t control the actions of other drivers, there are steps you take to make sure you get the help you need after an accident. U.S. News & World Report offers the following tips in this case.

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