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Are carnival and fair rides safe?

Every year around California there are carnivals, street fairs, state fairs, county fairs and other celebrations that bring amusement rides. The midway area is always popular. It is filled with screams, music and the sounds of these rides operating. However, every year, there are also injuries on these rides, so how safe are they?

According to Thrillist, carnival rides are different than rides found at amusement parks because they are torn down, moved and reassembled on a regular basis, but the standards are still the same for safety and manufacturing. So, it is a myth that those rides are safer because they are made better. However, the constant tearing down and reassembling does introduce another level of risk. Sometimes they operate in one spot for as little as a few days before they are moved again.

The companies supplying these rides do inspections and train operators on how to safely and properly operate them. The operators are also the ones who are putting these rides together and tearing them down. They are the ones on the front line who can see if something is worn or broken. It is left up to them to make the call of whether a ride is safe for operation. So, human error plays a large role in the safety of these rides. In addition, turnover is high in this industry because it is a demanding job that requires constant travel.

The bottom line really is no amusement or carnival ride is ever completely safe. There is always risk. There is always a chance of failure. The risks of getting injured on this type of ride is likely more than on a fixed ride at an amusement park, but there is no actual data to back this claim up or say how big of a risk it is. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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