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August 2018 Archives

Can I get medical care without insurance?

There is no secret that the costs of medical insurance are on the rise. In fact, they are getting so out of control that many people in California cannot afford coverage and go without. If you are one of the many people who so not have medical insurance, you may wonder what will happen if you do need medical care.

Are carnival and fair rides safe?

Every year around California there are carnivals, street fairs, state fairs, county fairs and other celebrations that bring amusement rides. The midway area is always popular. It is filled with screams, music and the sounds of these rides operating. However, every year, there are also injuries on these rides, so how safe are they?

What are some laws to remember during back to school season?

As summer comes to an end in California, children are headed back to school. While you may be focused on buying school supplies and new school clothes, you also have to plan for how your child will get to and from school each day. Keeping kids safe as they walk to and from school or ride the bus is the responsibility of everyone who is traveling in a school zone. The state has set rules to help ensure safety in these areas.

Common mistakes made by new nurses

Hospitals, emergency rooms and rehabilitation centers are safe havens for the injured. It’s easy to imagine doctors in capes, saving lives and doing good in the community. In general, this truly is the case. Doctors rely on nurses to provide high-quality care for patients 24/7. While that’s a tall order, it’s part of the profession.

What's the difference between floaties and a life jacket?

When the temperatures rise, more and more people flock to beaches and backyard pools to get some relief from the California heat. If you have small children, then you really need to be aware of water safety. Drownings are quite common when it gets hot, and it only takes a matter of seconds for a child to end up in danger. That is why many parents use flotation devices. However, not all flotation devices are created equal.

Who is responsible for underage drivers?

While the state of California allows you to get your license at the age of 16, you are not yet an adult. This means that you cannot be held completely liable should you cause an accident and harm others or damage property. When you get your license, the state makes sure to assign responsibility for you to your parents or guardian. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, your parent or legal guardian must sign your driver's license application. This signature indicates that he or she take financial responsibility for you as a driver.

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