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What are the risks of a forceps delivery?

Sometimes the process of delivering a child does not go the way you planned. Unexpected issues can occur and your doctor may be forced to take certain measures to safely deliver your baby. One of the things that a Californian doctor may have to do is use forceps to help deliver your baby.

According to the Mayo Clinic, forceps, when used properly, can be a safe way to help you out during labor and ensure your baby's health. Most often they are used when you cannot push enough to expel the child from the birth canal. They are an aid that works with your body to move your baby out of your body.

However, using forceps does not come without risks. If they are not used properly, they could cause damage to your child's skull and possibly his or her brain. It can lead to bleeding on the brain and even seizures. You, too, may have some adverse effects, such as increased bleeding, damage to your genital area and issues with your bladder.

Luckily, injuries to you or the baby are usually minimal. Your baby may have some bruising that is superficial and will go away. You may have pain, but that is a normal side effect from delivery. In most cases, the doctor is well trained to use the forceps and no issues will occur. It is rare for such a delivery to result in long lasting health issues for you or your baby, but it is smart to understand the risks. More often than not, when a doctor decides to use forceps, it is essential to your health or the health of your baby. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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