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June 2018 Archives

Are budget airlines safe?

Flying can be an intimidating prospect, especially if you do not do it often. It also can be expensive. Californian airports are often packed and the demand for flights is high, so airlines can charge high rates for seats. However, there are new airlines catering to people who do not want to spend a fortune to fly. These budget airlines may leave you wondering what corners have been cut to offer such low rates. You may also be curious as to whether they are even a safe option.

Bicycles, motorcycles, and the right of way

If California motorists near an intersection where another vehicle is approaching, the motorist must determine who has the right of way. If the other vehicle has the right of way, the motorist will yield to that other vehicle. The concept of right of way applies to any party on the road, such as cars, trucks and pedestrians. Some people, however, may not be familiar with how right of way applies to smaller vehicles like motorcycles or bicycles.  

Orthopedic malpractice: Avoid further injury after an accident

Summertime opens the door to an array of outdoor sports. For parents with children involved in extracurricular activities and team practices, this time of year offers a lot of fun in the sun. With kids spending more time outside vs the classroom, their days are filled with biking on the trails, hanging from monkey bars, and outings at the local public pool.

What risks do premature babies face?

Giving birth is supposed to be an amazing and wonderful experience, but if you go into labor early, it can be quite scary. Babies who are born before 37 weeks are considered premature, according to the March of Dimes. These babies face many health risks, which is why you may be separated from your child so he or she can go into a neonatal intensive care unit in a California hospital.

Sidewalks do not make for safer bicycle riding

Bicycles and motor vehicles seem to co-exist much too uneasily for the likes of some California bike riders. Why ride in the street when you can take the sidewalk instead? While some bicyclists view this as a safer option, there are reasons why taking to the sidewalk is not necessarily the better choice and as NPR points out, sidewalk riding may actually increase some risks of catastrophic injury.

Flying the dangerous skies

Most California residents are familiar with the sound and sight of helicopters. Various government entities and private corporations use these vehicles to patrol the state's highways, train military personnel, conduct tours and respond to medical emergencies. Helicopters are generally safe, but mistakes in operation or problems with design, maintenance and manufacturing have the potential for catastrophic consequences. 

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