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Motorcyclists risk traumatic brain injuries when they ride

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

There is no denying that motorcyclists are at a greater risk of harm when they are on the roads than other motorists. Many people overlook the safety of motorcycle passengers. Reuters Health states that “riders are less likely to end up with traumatic brain injuries than their passengers. The risk is much higher when they do not wear helmets and consume alcohol before riding. Though there are other factors that affect the type and extent of injuries accident victims sustain, motorcycles have fewer vehicle structures to shield operators and riders from accident debris, the road and other vehicles. 

In 2015, 88,000 motorcyclists were injured out of the eight million registered motorcycles in the country, states the Insurance Information Institute, Inc. Many of the victims sustained injuries ranging from deep lacerations and road rash to traumatic brain injuries. 

Helmets have been proven to play a big part in reducing the number of traumatic brain injury victims motor vehicle collisions cause. California law requires riders and their passengers to use them. Despite knowing the risks and legal ramifications, many riders do not wear helmets. Until motorcycle riders and their passengers make safety top priority and embrace the use of helmets each time they ride, the number of motorists who end up with brain injuries from accidents will remain high. 

Brain trauma and other injuries are not always avoidable for motorcyclists. But with proper precautions, safe and responsible driving behavior from motor vehicle operators and safer riding techniques, is possible to reduce the risk of serious accident and trauma for everyone on the roads.