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Drivers with ADHD more likely to end up serious car accidents

One common cause of Redwood City area car accidents that many people might not know about is attention deficit disorder (ADHD). ADHD is a condition that makes it hard for sufferers to control their impulses and pay attention. Operating a vehicle requires the driver to focus. Motorists who have ADHD find it hard to stay focused on driving. According to WebMD, drivers who have attention deficit disorder have a “50 percent higher chance of ending up in serious motor vehicle accidents.” 

There are many factors that lead to car accidents. For ADHD drivers, the impulse to use distractions is hard to ignore. Distracted motorists are reckless. They make split-second driving decisions because their distractions keep them from identifying hazards and avoiding them. Car accidents often result in injuries. When distractions and impulse activities are involved, the likelihood of serious and catastrophic injuries increases. 

Treatment lowers the risk of crash and injuries 

When motorists with ADHD undergo treatment, they become less impulsive and better capable of focusing. The percentage of preventable serious crashes that involve people with ADHD who receive medication for their condition is 22, states CNN. 

Driving is a responsibility that all motorists should take seriously. They must pay attention to the roads, motorists and driving conditions. They must control their impulses so they can operate their vehicles safely. Motorists who have cannot pay attention and struggle with impulse control should have their psychosocial functions tested to receive a proper ADHD diagnosis and treatment if necessary to make them safer drivers.

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