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2 common causes of car accidents involving pedestrians

Driving is a luxury many people in the Redwood City area enjoy. As convenient as driving is, not everyone does it. Many people still travel by foot and bicycle. At any given time, it is not unusual to see pedestrians on the streets. Though there are laws and safety rules in place to protect them from harm, they are not always effective. According to TrafficSafetyStore.com, annually, car accidents kill “more than 4,000” pedestrians and injure at least 70,000. 

Motorists must maintain control of their vehicles. When they do not, the likelihood of them crashing into and injuring pedestrians increases. Here are two causes of car accidents involving pedestrians. 


Distractions are an issue that both pedestrians and motorists have a problem with. Distracted and unfocused drivers and pedestrians are not aware of the dangers around them. For example, a pedestrian should be aware of his or her surroundings when they cross the street so they can stay away from negligent drivers. Distracted motorists must watch the streets and crosswalks so they do not hit any pedestrians.


Drivers who speed are less likely to stop their vehicles to avoid pedestrians who suddenly appear in traffic. The faster the speed is in a collision, the greater the risk of serious injury and fatality to the pedestrian. Pedestrians who are struck by vehicles traveling 40 miles an hour have a 20 percent chance of survival, states NPR.org. 

Pedestrians and motorists must stay alert and mindful of the traffic surrounding them at all times. The more drivers and people adhere to traffic laws and avoid distractions; the safer the roads will be.

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