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January 2018 Archives

Proximate cause explained

When people in Redwood City hear of product liability lawsuits, they may quickly dismiss them as being the vindictive actions of unhappy consumers. However, the law does not simply allow an unsatisfied customer to summarily pin a problem on a manufacturer. Cause must first be established before one can have any hope of making a liability claim hold up to scrutiny. 

2 common causes of car accidents involving pedestrians

Driving is a luxury many people in the Redwood City area enjoy. As convenient as driving is, not everyone does it. Many people still travel by foot and bicycle. At any given time, it is not unusual to see pedestrians on the streets. Though there are laws and safety rules in place to protect them from harm, they are not always effective. According to TrafficSafetyStore.com, annually, car accidents kill “more than 4,000” pedestrians and injure at least 70,000. 

Why is the childbirth complication rate rising in the U.S.?

The U.S. has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the industrialized world. Every year 700 to 900 American mothers die due to pregnancy and childbirth. However, these often preventable deaths are statistically overshadowed the rapid rise in maternal complications.

Protecting yourself from unnecessary motorcycle injuries

Riding your motorcycle along the beautiful coastal highways of California can be both exhilarating and fun. Getting the most out of your ride and arriving safely at your destination is heavily reliant on your decision to uphold safety practices and follow the rules of the road. At Haberkorn & Associates, we understand the risks that motorcyclists face and have experience with helping victims of motorcycle accidents. 

Can car accidents cause catastrophic injuries?

Many drivers in Redwood City feel using distractions is a good way for them to keep them entertained while they drive. They do not realize how dangerous they can be. Driving distractions also increase the chances of catastrophic injuries and death for victims who survive the crashes. 

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