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December 2017 Archives

What every parent should know about birth injuries

As first-time parents in California near their baby's due date, feelings of excitement and anticipation can often be over-shadowed by anxiety and nerves. Often, much of these unsettling emotions are rooted in a deep concern for their child and his or her health and safety. Because birth injuries do happen and can often be prevented with proper education and thorough care, it is imperative that parents receive a basic education about the risks their child may face during the process of delivery. 

Finding an OB-GYN who is committed to your health

If you have recently found out you are expecting your first child, you may have already started looking around for a trustworthy OB-GYN who is capable of providing high quality prenatal care for you and your baby. When you do thorough research to find a doctor who you trust and are comfortable working with, you can feel more confident about the protection of your health and your baby's safe delivery. At Haberkorn & Associates, we are experienced with the risks that California women face during the process of delivering a baby.

Opioids are a top offender for causing harm to hospital patients

Pain medication classified as opioids may be necessary for severe pain, but can be very dangerous. Opioid-related substance use disorder is a public health crisis around the nation. While misuse is currently being addressed with new laws and regulations, problems still remain. Not only are these drugs highly addictive, but they are often mismanaged by medical staff providing acute care in hospitals.

What risks are associated with hip replacement?

As you get older, you may notice parts of your body just do not seem to work the way they used to. Many people in California end up with hip problems. This is because this joint goes through a lot day in and day out from the moment you are born. You may end up being one of these people. If the time comes that you need a new hip joint, then it helps to be aware of the risks and complications you could face.

Man claims defect resulted in gun explosion and serious injury

In many cases, before a product is released for public use, it undergoes rigorous testing to determine it is safe, functional and effective in performing its purpose. However, there are times when manufacturing defects are overlooked which can create a significant hazard for users of affected products. Unfortunately, there are scenarios where consumers in California unknowingly use a defective product resulting in serious injuries or even death. 

Can you take steps to be a safer pedestrian?

Whether you are walking to work, joining your children while their ride their bikes to school, or crossing the parking lot into the supermarket, you are considered a pedestrian in California. While it would be nice to assume that all drivers recognize you 100 percent of the time, there are incidents when driver distraction, obstruction or even carelessness can create a dangerous disaster. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe as a pedestrian so you can avoid injury. 

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