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How can medical malpractice occur when doctors are sick?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

When it comes to the doctors and nurses you rely on for medical care in Redwood City, you expect for them to be in optimal health and on their A-game at all times. When they are not, the chances of you becoming a medical malpractice victim increases. 

Many of these individuals go to work and perform their jobs while they are ill and not feeling their best. When they are sick, there is an increased risk of them passing their illness onto you and other patients. Here are some common reasons why sick health care workers choose to go to work and put their patients at risk.

Reasons health care personnel work while sick

There are various reasons why many medical personnel are likely to forego calling off and using their sick days. They may feel they can perform their duties in the same capacity as when they are not ill. But the reality is many of them are so tired, distracted and unwell they cannot focus on their jobs and patients as much as they should. According to a study posted on Healthline.com, patient welfare was the secondary reason medical personnel put their health on the back burner. The majority of survey participants were concerned about their coworker’s welfare. 

When medical care providers are seriously ill, they are likely to:

  •        Overlook critical details in patient histories
  •        Wrongfully diagnosis patients
  •        Operate on wrong sites and patients
  •        Perform unnecessary procedures
  •        Pass infections onto patients 

Many health care facilities and hospitals are understaffed. When doctors, nurses and other medical personnel do not show up for work, the quality and delivery of care patients receive suffers. When these professionals show up to work while ill, patients can end up infections that complicate their health, recoveries and lives. 

Many health care institutions are aware of the issues they face when their workers come to work when they are ill and how their actions impact patient care. They have yet to come up with a workable solution. In the meantime, patients should take steps to ensure their safety and that of their family members.