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When the 'surgeon' isn't a real doctor, terrible injury is likely

Surgery is surgery, whether you are undergoing a life-saving heart operation or a cosmetic procedure. As a patient, you have the right to expect careful and medically sound care from a trained and licensed physician.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who prey on others’ insecurities about their bodies to perform unlicensed cosmetic surgery. Victims often end up with terrible pain and disfigurement because of their “doctor’s” mistreatment.

Phony ‘surgeon’ victimized women

In one of the latest examples, a Canadian woman has been arrested and charged with running an illegal clinic in her basement. The woman, 19, called herself “Dr. Kitty” and advertised herself as a plastic surgeon.

According to Oxygen, the woman’s alleged scheme came to light when one of her “patients” got an infection after undergoing a procedure at Dr. Kitty’s “clinic.” She needed further surgery to fix the poor job Dr. Kitty did.

It happens here too

Fake doctor con artists operate here in California too. Early in 2016, a San Francisco man was sentenced to 20 years in prison for performing unlicensed cosmetic surgery on nine women, along with sexually assaulting some of them.

Fully licensed and trained surgeons also harm their patients sometimes. Despite being entrusted with their patients’ lives, they leave surgical tools behind in victims’ bodies, operate on the wrong body part or other unacceptable mistakes.

Surgical errors are a relatively rare form of medical malpractice. But when it does happen, the results usually are devastating for the patient. If they survive, they could be left with a permanent disability. If nothing else, they may have to undergo revision surgery to fix the mistakes made by the negligent doctor.

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