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What are some differences between major and minor car accidents?

Many people believe that most car accidents that happen in Redwood City are minor. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that "car crashes caused 35,092 deaths in 2015." Little do they realize that many motor vehicle wrecks do not end up with all involved parties looking at their cars for non-existent damage and going their separate ways. 

There are many variables that contribute to the severity of a car accident, such as alcohol, drugs, speed and recklessness. There are also numerous factors that determine the type and severity of injuries victims sustain. Because car accidents happen so often, it is important for individuals to take some time to learn the difference between major and minor motor vehicles wrecks. 

Major motor vehicle wrecks 

Serious car accidents tend to leave behind a lot of trauma, heartache and pain. They affect more than just the victims. Their loved ones must also deal with the consequences. People who survive serious car accidents usually have serious trauma to their necks and backs, brains, limbs and organs. The likelihood of them recovering enough to resume their prior lives are lower and them needing around-the-clock medical care and assistance are great. Also, serious car accidents leave behind a lot of property damage. 

Minor car accidents 

Crashes that result in little to no property damage, injuries and everyone going back to their normal routines tend to be minor. Fewer people are involved. They do not have much of an impact on anyone’s life. Many of them go unreported each year. 

Knowing why major and minor motor vehicle wrecks are different can help people to better understand the importance of obeying all traffic laws, regulations and courtesies. It can also motivate them to take fewer risks while driving and stay safe.

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