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Traumatic brain injuries and car accidents

When it comes to car accidents in the Redwood City area, one of the first things that may come to mind is injuries. According to Biosociety.org, every year, “286,000 people sustain brain injuries in car accidents.” You cannot look at the aftermath of a car accident to know the extent of injuries the victims suffered. Even though some people do not end up with life-threatening injuries, the aftermath of car accidents often leads to a lot of pain and suffering for the victims and their loved ones. 

The average person does not plan to be in car accidents. But part of protecting oneself from them is learning about the kinds of injuries that can occur in one. Here is a brief overview of traumatic brain injuries sustained from motor vehicle wrecks. 

Traumatic brain wounds 

Car accidents involve a lot of force and impact. When a person’s head strikes the inside of their car or is impaled by an object, their brain becomes damaged. Blunt force trauma and inflictions that occur from the repetitive forceful movements of crashing vehicles can also cause whiplash, contusions and other serious brain wounds. 

There are several types of traumatic brain injuries. Some of them result in temporary health complications that victims often recover from in a short amount of time. Other brain injuries are a lot more serious. They often cause paralysis, nerve damage, permanent brain damage and other severe wounds that victims may not completely recover from and shorten their life expectancies. 

Some people do not know they have brain injuries immediately after their accidents. It may take several hours or days for them to experience common signs of traumatic brain injuries like a loss of consciousness, short-term memory loss, headaches and other complications that interfere with their ability to immediately return to work and normal activities, states the Mayo Clinic. Victims who suffer serious head wounds often need lifelong medical care and assistance from their families. 

Because brain injuries have the potential to disrupt lives indefinitely, it is important for everyone to understand their impact. They should also re-evaluate their driving habits periodically and drive defensively to reduce their chances of collision with other vehicles.

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