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How can I find out about product recalls?

Product malfunctions, issues and defects are things that happen all the time in California and across the country. When a problem is reported concerning a product, it is taken seriously at all levels. Some product issues pose serious liability for manufacturers while others are a simple inconvenience for you, the consumer. Regardless, when a product could pose harm, there are many ways authorities try to get the word out about it. The most common is to issue a recall. There are plenty of ways you can learn about a defective product recall.

According to Real Simple, your first way of finding out about a recall is by registering the warranty of products you buy. When you do this, you are put on a list that will be automatically alerted if a recall is made on the product you bought. Of course, not all products have warranties. Food items, for example, would not have a way to register your purchase. However, stores with loyalty cards often do keep records of what you have bought, and they may contact you directly about a recall. So, keep your eyes open for emails or postal mail items of this nature.

Can car accidents cause vision trauma?

Not every car accident in Redwood City results in death. Serious motor vehicle collisions often lead to severe and life-threatening injuries, such as vision loss. According to FindLaw, vision disturbances are often associated with traumatic brain injuries. Vision disturbances can also occur from direct trauma to the eye area. Not all affected accident victims notice problems with their vision right away; some of them experience delayed symptoms.

There are several types of eye injuries that can occur in car accidents. They include:

What you should know before filing a medical malpractice claim

A trip to the hospital is never anyone’s idea of a good time. We all know accidents can occur, even when the most highly trained medical professionals are caring for you. Maybe your doctor misdiagnosed your condition, wrote down the wrong prescription or made an error during surgery. Now you are left feeling worse than before you entered the hospital.

If your injuries require extensive medical care or hospitalization, you may be wondering if you have a case for medical malpractice. To prove medical malpractice, you must show a healthcare professional violated the standard of care. The standard of care is generally accepted procedures all medical professionals use when treating a patient afflicted with a particular ailment. If the health care worker in your case did not provide this care, you may have a case for medical malpractice.

Alcohol-Impaired doctor loses license

When one thinks of medical negligence in Redwood City, alcohol intoxication is not a factor that immediately comes to mind. One of the most trusted groups of individuals in the country is doctors. You should be able to trust your health care providers without question. However, they are human, and many of them make mistakes that endanger the very lives they took a Hippocratic oath to protect. According to Yahoo Sports, physicians "should not practice and see patients if their ability to do so safely is impaired by the use of a controlled substance, alcohol, chemical agent or a health condition.” 

Recently, a psychiatrist who advertised he treats alcohol and drug addictions admitted to the Medical Board that he had a substance abuse problem. He also confessed to being drunk two hours before his first patients came to his downtown San Diego office. The doctor had cloves and two full glasses of vodka after his mother recommended the alleged remedy to get him to stop drinking. The judge presiding over the hearing was not convinced that the doctor's testimony was "persuasive evidence of rehabilitation.” 

Motorcyclists risk traumatic brain injuries when they ride

There is no denying that motorcyclists are at a greater risk of harm when they are on the roads than other motorists. Many people overlook the safety of motorcycle passengers. Reuters Health states that “riders are less likely to end up with traumatic brain injuries than their passengers. The risk is much higher when they do not wear helmets and consume alcohol before riding. Though there are other factors that affect the type and extent of injuries accident victims sustain, motorcycles have fewer vehicle structures to shield operators and riders from accident debris, the road and other vehicles. 

In 2015, 88,000 motorcyclists were injured out of the eight million registered motorcycles in the country, states the Insurance Information Institute, Inc. Many of the victims sustained injuries ranging from deep lacerations and road rash to traumatic brain injuries. 

What are quality defects?

When it comes to product liability in California, there are many ways in which an error can occur that leads to a defective product. One type of defect is a quality defect. According to InTouch Manufacturing Services, quality defects can range from no big deal to a serious issue. They can be of little risk to consumers or they could lead to serious risks to consumers. Identifying and fixing these defects helps to ensure products are of the highest quality. 

You can better understand quality defects by knowing the three main classifications. These are minor, major and critical. Minor defects are the ones that may be annoying or produce cosmetic issues. They are not threatening to you, but do drag down the quality of the product. They usually will not make you stop using the product. Major defects are more severe and could affect how a product works. They might prompt you to return the item and get a replacement. 

Top pain doctors face a multitude of lawsuits

More than 115 people die every day in the United States due to opioid drug overdoses according to the the National Institute on Drug Abuse. How did we get here? Many say that doctors and organizations overselling pain drugs are to blame. In fact, some are taking leading pain authorities across the country to court.

Major players in the pain killer industry up and down the supply chain are facing lawsuits, from influential doctors to major manufacturers. Over 430 lawsuits are currently pending in federal court, and a few dozen are waiting to be addressed in state courts.

Tesla and the NTSB disagree on release of crash information

The federal government takes the public's safety on the roadways of California and across the country extremely seriously. When innovative vehicles are involved in crashes, it often results in an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, a government agency that uses its findings to prompt safety regulations from legislators and other governing bodies. Auto manufacturers typically also conduct their own investigations, and the approaches used may not be compatible.

After a recent crash involving the Tesla Model X, the company has released information indicating that the issue leading to the driver's death stemmed from his own failure to monitor the vehicle's operation. The auto manufacturer claims that, based on the vehicle's computer records, it is possible that the driver did not have his hands on the steering wheel for the six seconds immediately preceding the crash. 

What is patient dumping?

Even though the United States is at the top of healthcare with advanced medical techniques and the ability to save lives in ways other systems cannot, it is suffering from a crisis. Affordable and accessible healthcare is not available to every citizen. This often leads to situations where patients are not treated properly in California hospitals. One such situation that happens all too often is patient dumping. 

HealthCareDive explains patient dumping is something that has been happening for decades. It occurs when a hospital discharges a patient before that patient is actually ready to be discharged. It often happens to patients who cannot pay, such as those who are homeless. It gets its name because the patient is dumped off either at another hospital or on the streets. 

Are gun manufacturers liable when their products kill?

With all the recent talk about gun control and rights in California, it has brought to light the legal concept of liability. Gun manufacturers are in a unique situation. They sell a product that is designed to kill and harm, so if the product works as intended, it will kill or harm. However, at the same time, the product can be used to kill and harm in an illegal way. National Public Radio explains the complex situation when it comes to the liability of gun manufacturers

The short answer is that gun manufacturers are liable for the products they make. However, they do have certain legal protections that are not offered commonly in other industries. As any other products sold in any other industry, if a gun is defective and the defect causes injury or death, then the gun manufacturer is liable. If, on the other hand, a person misuses the product and causes death or injury, it is that person that is liable, not the gun manufacturer. This is similar to the manufacturers of knives or cars, both of which can also be used to harm or kill. 

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