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How can negligence create a harmful product?

Californian residents like you rely on companies to provide you with safe, working products every single day. Haberkorn & Associates is here to help in the instances where those products have defects that can cause you harm.

Negligence can create the defects in these products in some cases. This can take many different forms. For example, negligence in the manufacturing process can result in a product that has a fault that can't easily be seen by the naked eye. Packaging negligence can take the form of inadequate labeling. For example, if there's a risk of electric shock if a product is used in a certain way but that risk isn't warned for, it can be considered negligent.

Is it safe to deliver your baby at home?

If you have considered delivering your baby at home with a midwife or doula instead of at a hospital, you may have also wondered about the risk of injury to mother and baby.

Many midwives emphasize that a home birth is more “natural” to the delivery process and involves less medical intervention than a hospital birth, but without the advanced medical support of a hospital, birth complications can prove dangerous. If something goes wrong, your treatment may be unnecessarily delayed.

Examining the changes created by a traumatic brain injury

When people are involved in a car accident in California, recognizing that something happened and that they sustained severe injuries can sometimes be a slow process. This is especially true if people have been the victim of a traumatic brain injury. Depending on the severity of their injury, they may have had to spend significant time in a hospital or rehab facility before being sent home. In other cases where the injury is not as severe, it will still require an adjustment as people learn to cope with the changes that have taken place in their brain. 

According to Psychology Today, car accidents are the most common reason why traumatic brain injuries happen. They are caused when a person's head is hit with extreme force or with an object, both of which affect a person's head and brain. Often, the severity of a head injury is ranked depending on how long the person was unconscious for after the initial blow of force. Memory loss can be a side effect of brain injury and may come back over time. However, there are situations where a person's memory is never fully recovered and specific abilities have to be relearned with the help of therapy. 

What are common carriers?

If you have heard the term “common carrier” but are not sure what it means, you might be surprised to learn that most people use common carriers without knowing it. When you travel on an airplane, you are using a common carrier. As FindLaw explains, common carriers are vehicles like buses, cabs, commercial airliners or just about any privately owned mode of transportation that ferries a person in California from one location to another.

The identification of a vehicle as a common carrier has important legal implications. For one thing, common carriers operate under certain government regulations. In the case of airplanes, they fall under the jurisdiction of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If a passenger on a plane is injured due to negligence in enforcing FAA regulations, the airline could end up in serious legal trouble.

Evaluating injuries after an auto accident

The aftermath of an auto accident can result in severe and traumatic physical injuries that can impact a person for life. However, some people manage to make it through an accident with little apparent injury. Still, a vehicular accident may leave its mark on a person in other ways, including psychological or mental harm. Knowing what to look for is crucial so you can seek treatment shortly after your auto accident in California.

Following an auto accident, victims could experience changes in behavior. The Brain Injury Association of America explains that the aftermath of an accident may leave you feeling irritable. It becomes harder to reach a good mood. Anxiety and depression can also result. You may have a loss of internal drive, which reduces your productivity. Conversely, you might become more reckless and do things impulsively.

Speed and alcohol key accident factors

If you are like most people who live in California, you know that car accidents can and do happen. You might even assume they will happen and that there is nothing that can be done to prevent them. Records from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show how many people are killed in accidents that really have no reason for happening. Crashes in which excessive speed and alcohol are involved are completely avoidable if drivers would make safe and responsible decisions. 

In 2017, alcohol was a contributing factor in 31 percent of California's total vehicular fatalities. Speeding was a contributing factor in almost 30 percent of the deaths. In San Mateo County, 200 people lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents between 2013 and 2017. A total of 61 people died in crashes involving speeding, representing more than 30 percent of all fatalities. Forty-eight people died in crashes involving drunk driving, representing 24 percent of all deaths.

How dangerous could your bike ride be?

In California, there are many places where you can get your bike out and enjoy a leisurely ride with excellent scenery. Unfortunately, Haberkorn & Associates also understands that because of certain factors, you can be putting yourself at risk any time you go out on your bike.

Bicycle accidents are actually more common than people might think, and you're especially at risk if you live in an area with dense population like we do here in California. The combination of street traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists together can make for a chaotic scene. As you know, the more hectic a place is, the more likely it is for people to become distracted or flustered. This combination is ripe for drivers making mistakes.

Finding the right orthopedic specialist for your child

If your child’s pediatrician has referred you to see an orthopedic specialist, you may have many questions. How do you find a doctor you can trust? Do you follow the pediatrician’s recommendation or look for someone on your own? You may be facing a complicated condition, or even surgery for your child. You want to protect your child from further injury. How do you find the best doctor for your child?

Ask for a referral

Why is your doctor spending so little time with you?

Like most in Redwood City, you do not look forward to a visit to your doctor. In fact, once your examination begins, you may be silently hoping for it to end. However, you certainly do not want your doctor to feel the same way about seeing you. You expect them to take the time needed to accurately assess your clinical condition and come up with a correct diagnosis. The question then becomes how long is needed for that to happen? 

A typical doctors visit (outside of emergency situations) usually consists of: 

  • A review of your medical history 
  • Questions as to your current symptoms 
  • A review of your body systems
  • Time spent (both with and away from you) developing a diagnosis and a treatment plan

How quickly do palsy birth injuries heal?

Of all the stages of human development, infancy is probably the one with the most resilience. Your baby, while delicate and vulnerable, is probably able to heal incredibly quickly from many bumps and bruises. However, there are some injuries your infant might sustain that might not heal naturally, brachial plexus avulsion injuries being one example. 

Erb's palsy, a form of brachial nerve damage, is among the most troubling birth injuries you could encounter. It is an unfortunate condition for many reasons, not the least of which being that California obstetricians should all arguably have the wherewithal to avoid inflicting it upon your child. 

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