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Where the dangers lie in hospitals

Medical facilities are always full of ill and injured people, and they are required to do what they can to keep you safe from any contagions that may be present. However, even though hospital-acquired infections are a risk and a common medical mistake, other things linger that could jeopardize your life just as much, if not more.

When people think of medical errors, they often focus on the result of something much larger -- the underlying cause of the mistake. If medical facilities fail to correct and control them, medication mistakes, surgical errors, anesthesia mistakes and more will continue to happen.

Southwest flight attendants sue Boeing for an unsafe 737 Max jet

A group of Southwest Airlines flight attendants filed suit against the airplane manufacturer Boeing this week. The eight plaintiffs argue that the aircraft giant deliberately concealed the 737 Max jet's design flaws and safety defects from both the public, the airline and its workers. They're seeking over $100 million in damages for Boeing's indiscretion.

The flight attendants relied heavily on congressional testimony from last fall to justify why it is that they believe that they're entitled to damages. It was at that hearing that Boeing's test pilots and other workers described how they were concerned about the effectiveness of the aircraft's anti-stall software. The witnesses produced documents that captured their fears at the hearing.

Surgery is far from a routine procedure; it can maim and kill

The liability insurance company Coverys published a report last month in which they highlighted how surgery is the second leading cause of medical malpractice claims. Diagnostic errors assumed the first position.

Coverys' data shows that 32% of all medical liability claims filed during the five years between 2014 and 2018 were diagnostic-related. Another 25% of them had to do with surgical errors. At least 78% of the latter 2,579 cases stemmed from the surgeon poorly performing a procedure. At least 9% of the patients who were operated on lost their lives as a result. Another 29% were left with significant injuries.

Avoid these 3 driving distractions

How many driving distractions are there? You may instantly think that there have to be hundreds. You've seen people texting, taking pictures, talking to passengers, eating food, drinking coffee, dealing with kids, making phone calls and much more. Off the top of your head, you can think of a few dozen distractions right away.

That is true, and part of the problem with distracted driving is that it does take so many forms. This makes it a risk for all drivers, even those who turn off their phones or decide to always stop and eat, rather than eating in the car. Removing one behavior is wise, but there are many other distractions to choose from.

How likely am I to end up with a brain injury from a car crash?

Most adult motorists have had the misfortune of having been involved in a car accident at some point during their lives. If they haven't, then they know someone who has had one. Most individuals who have crashes walk away from them unscathed. There are certain types of accidents that are more likely to result in serious head or brain injuries though.

There are two types of brain injuries. More minor ones such as concussions are caused by sheer force. The simple movement of your brain back and forth within your skull can result in this disorienting type of injury.

What happens after an emergency birth could change the future

Your obstetrician could describe any number of scenarios where your birth experience could turn into an emergency for your unborn child. Some of those scenarios could result in brain damage that will change the course of your child's future forever.

Throughout your labor and delivery, doctors and nurses ought to monitor you closely for any possible emergencies. Your baby is in a vulnerable position during this time. A lack of oxygen is one of the most dangerous since it could leave your child with brain damage. What your obstetrician does in this situation before, during and after delivery could make all the difference.

Negligence theories that apply in product liability cases

All you have to do is look at the sticker or tags on an item you buy. If you do this, then you'll quickly realize that California has some of the strictest product warning labeling requirements of all states in the country. This information is supposed to provide consumers with as many details as possible to make informed decisions about the products that they're buying. These warnings, unfortunately, don't keep consumers completely safe. There are two primary standards on which individuals can file product liability claims.

One of those standards is the strict liability one. That theory states that it's the manufacturer, not the consumer, who is wholly liable for any defects that are noted as part of the manufacturing process. This standard emphasizes that the level of care that the manufacturer offers is irrelevant. It's only necessary for the plaintiff to show that they were injured by a dangerous product due to its manufacturing flaws for them to be able to successfully sue the manufacturer.

What are the dangers associated with a subgaleal hemorrhage?

Many women carry their babies and deliver them without any incident here in California. Others have much more difficult pregnancies and childbirths. Two of the most common types of injuries that babies suffer during the birthing process in the United States are head or brain injuries. These can leave newborns with lasting impairments.

A subgaleal hemorrhage is one of the more serious types of birth injuries. It often results from doctors using a vacuum extractor or forceps to remove a fetus from the womb.

How serious of a problem is drugged driving?

The 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) survey reveals just how popular it's becoming for individuals to take drugs and then get behind the wheel of their car. The organization's data shows that as many as 12.6 million individuals operated their vehicle while intoxicated from drugs in 2018. Those same statistics show that nearly eight million more motorists drove while drunk that same year. In case you're wondering if one type of driving is more serious than another, they're both pretty dangerous.

NSDUH data shows that males are more apt to get behind the wheel after consuming drugs than females are. The highest incidence of drugged driving is among men who fall into the 21 to 25-year-old age bracket.

Kobe Bryant's death causes many to second guess helicopter safety

Traveling across town in a chauffeured car or a helicopter to avoid California's deadlocked traffic is a reality for some of the busiest and wealthiest individuals. While these modes of transportation may make it easier for high profile people to get around town, the crash of the famed basketball player Kobe Bryant's helicopter on Jan. 26 caused many to question just how safe these types of aircraft are.

The helicopter accident that claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant and eight other individuals' lives last weekend is tragic. Helicopter crashes happen more often than other aviation crashes though.

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