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What are some laws to remember during back to school season?

As summer comes to an end in California, children are headed back to school. While you may be focused on buying school supplies and new school clothes, you also have to plan for how your child will get to and from school each day. Keeping kids safe as they walk to and from school or ride the bus is the responsibility of everyone who is traveling in a school zone. The state has set rules to help ensure safety in these areas.

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, school zones have lowered speed limits. Regardless of the posted speed limit, any area within 500 to 1000 feet of a school has a lowered speed limit of 25 mph. In some areas, the speed limit may be 15 mph. This is to help reduce the time that is needed to stop if a child darts into the road unexpectedly and to help children have an easier time judging when to cross the street.

Common mistakes made by new nurses

Hospitals, emergency rooms and rehabilitation centers are safe havens for the injured. It’s easy to imagine doctors in capes, saving lives and doing good in the community. In general, this truly is the case. Doctors rely on nurses to provide high-quality care for patients 24/7. While that’s a tall order, it’s part of the profession.

It can be easy to forget that nurses are only human. And as humans, we make mistakes. New nurses might be more prone to such miscalculations.

What's the difference between floaties and a life jacket?

When the temperatures rise, more and more people flock to beaches and backyard pools to get some relief from the California heat. If you have small children, then you really need to be aware of water safety. Drownings are quite common when it gets hot, and it only takes a matter of seconds for a child to end up in danger. That is why many parents use flotation devices. However, not all flotation devices are created equal.

The Scientific Parent explains that a life saving device, such as a life jacket, is quite different from flotation devices, such as floaties. Water wings are a commonly used item in the water for young children, but these are flotation devices and they will not save your child from drowning. They are simply an aid that helps you child as he or she learns to swim. They are not meant to keep him or her safely above the water.

Who is responsible for underage drivers?

While the state of California allows you to get your license at the age of 16, you are not yet an adult. This means that you cannot be held completely liable should you cause an accident and harm others or damage property. When you get your license, the state makes sure to assign responsibility for you to your parents or guardian. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, your parent or legal guardian must sign your driver's license application. This signature indicates that he or she take financial responsibility for you as a driver.

What this means is that your parent agrees to carry the state minimum required insurance coverage on you and the vehicles you drive. The state minimum coverage is $5,000 for property damage, and $15,000/$30,000 injury or death coverage. Your parent or guardian also is responsible for any damages that insurance does not cover that are a result of your negligence. So, if you get into an accident and cause more than $5,000 in property damage, the owner of the property can take your parent or guardian to court to get the rest of the money due.

What are the risks of a forceps delivery?

Sometimes the process of delivering a child does not go the way you planned. Unexpected issues can occur and your doctor may be forced to take certain measures to safely deliver your baby. One of the things that a Californian doctor may have to do is use forceps to help deliver your baby.

According to the Mayo Clinic, forceps, when used properly, can be a safe way to help you out during labor and ensure your baby's health. Most often they are used when you cannot push enough to expel the child from the birth canal. They are an aid that works with your body to move your baby out of your body.

Turbulence and the chance for catastrophic injuries

California residents are increasingly mobile, both domestically and internationally. More air travel could be a good thing, as long as courts continue to hold aircraft equipment manufacturers responsible for any defects in their products. Specifically, concerns about increasing turbulence could have an effect on the standards to which these aviation companies should hold themselves.

CNBC reports that the long-term forecast for heavy turbulence on flights is less than heartening. However, there is something more exigent in the article than the recent meteorological study which predicts that climate change could drastically increase the incidence of pockets of clear-air turbulence in the next 30 years: these bumpy rides are already accountable for the majority of severe cabin crew injuries and many injuries to passengers.

What you should know about wrongful birth lawsuits

Raising a child can be hard when they are perfectly healthy. Caring for a child with a serious medical condition? That comes with even more emotional and financial costs.

If a child is born with a disability or serious injury, their parents can take legal action through a wrongful birth lawsuit. Here’s what you should know about this sensitive issue.

When motor vehicle accidents cause catastrophic injuries

Sometimes California drivers walk away from motor vehicle accidents with barely a scratch. Sometimes, they are not so lucky and end up suffering from catastrophic injuries. 

One injury that can be life changing, depending on its severity, is brain trauma. Experts label even mild concussions traumatic brain injuries, and doctors encourage patients to give them the attention any other serious wound would receive. 

Reasons why overdiagnosis is a problem

Some forms of incorrect medical diagnosis do not necessarily misdiagnose a problem. Sometimes a condition can actually be “overdiagnosed,” meaning that a California resident is diagnosed with a medical problem that is not as severe as the diagnosis suggests. Overdiagnosis can result in prescribed medical treatments that are not necessary and may even cause a person injury.

Several reasons exist that can help explain overdiagnosis. According to the Huffington Post, medical exams are so precise that they detect a so-called disease that may never actually harm a person or create sickness. For instance, a test may find a cancer that progresses so slowly that it will never make the person ill. Also, the shifting boundaries of what constitutes normal body functions can actually make many people appear to have abnormal health conditions when in reality their condition is not life threatening or harmful at all.

Are budget airlines safe?

Flying can be an intimidating prospect, especially if you do not do it often. It also can be expensive. Californian airports are often packed and the demand for flights is high, so airlines can charge high rates for seats. However, there are new airlines catering to people who do not want to spend a fortune to fly. These budget airlines may leave you wondering what corners have been cut to offer such low rates. You may also be curious as to whether they are even a safe option.

Travel and Leisure puts your mind at ease by explaining that regardless of how much an airline charges you for a seat, it still has to meet specific safety requirements and pass inspections. So, the short answer is that budget airlines are just as safe as the more expensive ones.

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