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What should I know about healthcare-associated infections?

Whether you visit your doctor or go to the hospital, the hope is that you return home feeling better than when you went in. However, as you and other Californians may be aware, healthcare facilities harbor numerous infectious elements, including harmful bacteria and viruses. In most instances, your medical team will be able to prevent you from contracting a dangerous illness during your visit, but this is not always the case.

Healthcare-associated infections are common incidents, in fact. According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, you may contract a secondary infection while being treated at your doctor’s office, the hospital, an ambulance, a long-term care center or an end-stage facility. The most common healthcare-associated infections include pneumonia, bloodstream infections, surgical site infections, infections involving the staphylococcus bacteria and urinary tract infections. The following circumstances are most commonly associated with an infection contracted by a healthcare visit:

  • Infection originating at an injection, catheter or surgical site
  • Areas that are not properly disinfected
  • Incorrect use of antibiotics
  • Communicable illnesses between medical staff and patients

Physical pain brought on by a car crash

Those who are involved in an auto accident may experience a number of hardships, whether they sustain a broken bone, suffer a brain injury, struggle with intense emotions as a result of the wreck or face serious financial repercussions. Following an accident, some victims struggle with a tremendous amount of physical pain, which can be extremely debilitating. For example, those who are in pain may need to take potentially dangerous medication, such as opiates that pose an addiction risk. Or, they may have to miss work, or they could experience problems in their personal relationships due to the pain they are going through.

Sometimes, people may be in a great deal of pain even though the hardships they are facing are not evident to others. Also, pain may be an indicator that something else is wrong. For example, someone who is back or neck pain may have sustained an injury in the crash that they were not immediately aware of. If you are dealing with a lot of pain, you may want to consult a medical professional to figure out what your options are and make sure that you did not sustain an injury that was not immediately evident.

What is airplane product liability?

Airline accidents in small and large commercial craft alike have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries. While it may be a natural impulse to blame the more obvious parties, such as pilots, there is another category of liability that could play a part in your personal injury claim in the California courts.

Since airplanes are complex products made out of parts from various manufacturers, there are a number of parties that could be responsible for damages in a product liability claim. Everything from the seat you sit on to the engine that propels the plane is a separate product.

A good doctor is an informed doctor

There are a number of reasons a California patient may have an issue with a treating doctor. Sometimes people find that their doctor seems to be slow in providing important information about a treatment. Even in the internet age where knowledge is available at our fingertips, it is still up to your doctor to understand all the issues involved with your treatment and provide ready answers to your questions.

According to Marketwatch, a doctor doubles as your medical educator. It is not up to you as a patient to know everything about your condition and which treatment is the best for you. Your physician should be able to educate you on matters such as the kind of medication that you need and the treatment options available to you. You should also be told about any risks involved in taking medicine or undergoing treatment. Basically, you should never feel that you have to fill in missing gaps in your knowledge after visiting your doctor.

Is time a factor in strict liability cases?

When it comes to proving strict liability, time may greatly affect the outcome of your case. If using a product caused you injury not long after you bought it, you may have a stronger claim in a California court than if you experienced injury several months following your purchase. FindLaw explains a few reasons why time may be a factor in strict liability cases.

One of the variables that determine liability is establishing that you as a consumer did not know that using a product could cause injury. If are injured a short time after using the product, it is easier to show that the product was unsafe. However, the longer you use a product without injury, the more opportunity you have to discover a design defect that can cause an accident and discontinue use of the product before you get hurt.

What causes unidirectional phobia?

Since motorcycles are especially vulnerable to automobile accidents, maintaining control over your motorcycle is crucial to avoid a deadly auto collision. However, some California bike riders have a problem making a left or a right turn, which can be caused by anxiety or a lack of confidence on the part of the motorcyclist. According to Motorcyclist magazine, this condition is known as unidirectional phobia.

This condition is not necessarily evidence that you have a physical problem. If you have trouble making a left or a right turn on your bike, there are a variety of reasons why this is the case. New motorcyclists may not have a lot of experience riding and as a result can feel anxious about making particular turns. Some riders come back to riding after a period of time and are just out of practice.

EPA may have enabled Monsanto product liability

The purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency is to help safeguard public health throughout the United States by regulating and restricting the use of potentially harmful chemicals. However, two recent product liability trials in California have brought forth evidence that raises questions about whether the EPA is performing due diligence when it comes to oversight of pesticides and herbicides. In each of the two trials, a jury found that the chemical company Monsanto, manufacturer of Roundup herbicides, failed to warn consumers that their products could cause cancer, requiring the company to pay large amounts of money in damages to the plaintiffs.

At issue is the chemical glyphosate, which the juries have determined contributes to cancer development based on the evidence presented in the trials. The EPA has reportedly been aware that glyphosate poses a cancer risk to humans since the 1980s when testing demonstrated rare kidney tumors in mice dosed with the chemical. Allegedly, however, the EPA administrators at the time nevertheless assured the American public of the chemical's safety, ignoring the evidence that its own scientists discovered. 

Experts encourage motorcycle safety ahead of summer

For many people in California, the excitement that comes with riding a motorcycle is amplified by the adrenaline rush and unknown adventures that lie ahead. Because motorcycles are not as well-protected as other forms of transportation, it is imperative that people pay close attention to their surroundings and take adequate measures to protect themselves while riding. 

With May being Motorcycle Awareness Month, added attention has been drawn to what can be done to prevent dangerous accidents from happening. While many people may be satisfied with having their license and motorcycle insurance, an endorsement is also necessary before people are allowed to legally drive a motorcycle on public roads. This course can also help people to learn how to better operate their motorcycle. People should be vigilant in watching for hazards in the road including animals and other wildlife, especially at nighttime when visibility may be poor. 

Should I look for a new doctor?

It's important to have a good relationship with your primary care physician. When this is relationship is lacking, your health can actually suffer. If you're unhappy with the current level of care you're receiving, Marketwatch recommends looking out for the following red flags.

Your doctor is quick to recommend surgery

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