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Bay Area Helicopter Accident Attorney

Like other forms of aircraft, helicopters are subject to extensive government regulation for safety, maintenance and operator training. And, like other forms of aircraft, helicopters are exposed to the same risks of operator error, weather and negligent maintenance that can result in potentially catastrophic accidents.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a helicopter accident in the Bay Area or elsewhere in California — or if you are a family seeking answers following the death of a loved one — our firm wants you to know that help is here. Haberkorn & Associates is a personal injury law firm whose founding attorney, Matthew Haberkorn, has handled many high-profile aviation accident cases both in California and around the country. Whether you are seeking compensation for your medical expenses and other financial damages, or want to see justice for a deceased loved one, we can pursue any and all legal claims you may have.

We represent those injured in accidents involving tour operators and chartered business flights. We can also represent those injured in incidents — whether in the air or on the ground — involving police helicopters or even news choppers.

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Our experienced lawyer can determine your legal rights following a helicopter crash. Arrange to speak with attorney Matthew Haberkorn now: Send an email or call toll free 800-799-8410.