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Charter And Tourist Plane Crashes

Chartered flights are an increasingly popular choice for tourist groups, business travelers and others seeking to avoid the continuously rising price of commercial air travel.

Like commercial flights, charter and tourist flight operators are subject to strict government regulation. That doesn’t mean that operators and plane manufacturers always play by the rules, and in a worst-case scenario, passengers and their families can be left with the devastating consequences of a plane crash.

Haberkorn & Associates is a Bay Area-based personal injury firm handling aviation accidents throughout California and across the United States. We have represented those directly injured as a result of charter plane crashes and other serious incidents. We also represent families of those killed as a result of plane crashes that are seeking a sense of justice and closure following a devastating loss. Whether you are seeking to learn legal options for yourself or your loved one, we’re ready to help.

Our contingency fee policy means that we collect lawyer’s fees only if we successfully win compensation for you or your family. To meet with attorney Matthew Haberkorn in a no-fee, no-obligation consultation, send an email or call our San Mateo County office toll free at 800-799-8410800-799-8410.