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California Aviation Accident Attorney

Most people have heard the adage that, statistically speaking, flying is the safest way to travel.

Safest doesn’t mean totally free of risk, however, and every year, Americans are both seriously injured and killed in accidents on commercial flights and general aviation aircraft. Because of the technical complexity involved in any airplane incident, and the motivation of aircraft operators and their insurance companies to minimize liability whenever possible, obtaining full and fair compensation following an aircraft accident can seem like an uphill battle.

That’s where Haberkorn & Associates comes in. During a more than 20-year legal career handling personal injury claims in California and throughout the U.S., attorney Matthew Haberkorn has earned a reputation among the most effective plaintiff’s lawyers for aviation accidents. With experience handling the technical evidence involved in any aircraft accident case, and firsthand experience working with insurance companies, he can prepare a successful legal strategy to help you or your loved one get the compensation you need.

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While our offices are based in San Mateo County, we represent clients throughout the Bay Area and other parts of California — even when their accidents occurred out of state.

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Our priority is always helping clients obtain the compensation they need for their physical injuries and the cascade of effects they can have on their lives. In aviation accidents, however, property damage is also a serious concern. If you are a private property owner who has suffered costly property damage because of a plane crash or other incident, our firm can also represent you.

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