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What is the role of communication in medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice comes about because of negligence on the part of a caregiver. It can happen due to many things, from medication errors to failing to diagnose a condition. At the heart of many negligence situations in California is communication errors. Communication plays a pivotal role in a healthcare setting. When mistakes are made, you can get hurt.

According to the Institute for Healthcare Communication, when there is a breakdown in communication in a healthcare setting, it can make you, as the patient, feel uncomfortable or unsure about your care and can lead to medical negligence. In many cases, it also will affect how well you continue your care once you leave the medical facility. If you are given confusing or unclear directions, you may not understand how much medication to take or how often to take it. You could forget to make follow up appointments or fail to get testing done. Any of these things could lead to your medical condition worsening.

What are some differences between major and minor car accidents?

Many people believe that most car accidents that happen in Redwood City are minor. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety states that "car crashes caused 35,092 deaths in 2015." Little do they realize that many motor vehicle wrecks do not end up with all involved parties looking at their cars for non-existent damage and going their separate ways. 

There are many variables that contribute to the severity of a car accident, such as alcohol, drugs, speed and recklessness. There are also numerous factors that determine the type and severity of injuries victims sustain. Because car accidents happen so often, it is important for individuals to take some time to learn the difference between major and minor motor vehicles wrecks. 

Traumatic brain injuries and car accidents

When it comes to car accidents in the Redwood City area, one of the first things that may come to mind is injuries. According to Biosociety.org, every year, “286,000 people sustain brain injuries in car accidents.” You cannot look at the aftermath of a car accident to know the extent of injuries the victims suffered. Even though some people do not end up with life-threatening injuries, the aftermath of car accidents often leads to a lot of pain and suffering for the victims and their loved ones. 

The average person does not plan to be in car accidents. But part of protecting oneself from them is learning about the kinds of injuries that can occur in one. Here is a brief overview of traumatic brain injuries sustained from motor vehicle wrecks. 

What to do after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident is scary for anyone. Many people are lucky enough to never experience one or to only have experience with minor accidents. For others, though, it becomes too real when suddenly they find themselves in a smashed car with injuries and possible concerns about their further safety. Because accidents are so unpredictable and nobody can be assured they will never be involved in one, every driver should know the basics of what to do after an accident.

Consumer reports notes the single most important thing to do in an accident situation is to keep a calm demeanor. Getting upset will only lead to more problems. A person who is upset could put themselves or others in more danger and escalate an already bad situation. Beyond that, drivers should also remain at the scene. Leaving also compounds the problem and could lead to criminal charges.

Product liability in the aviation industry

Airline travel is a way of life for many California residents. Most flights are reasonably comfortable, with the major hassle being getting through security. Once on the plane, it usually is just a matter of settling down and waiting to get where they are going. People rarely think about safety issues. When accidents happen, however, they can have catastrophic results.

As Findlaw explains, while pilot error usually contributes to aviation accidents, mechanical problems also may contribute to a crash and the resulting deaths and injuries. Under the theory of strict liability, manufacturers can be held liable for such mechanical problems.

The devastation of a birth injury

As a parent, your wish for your kids is for them to have long and happy lives. But when your newborn has suffered a serious birth injury because of medical malpractice, he or she could instead face years of pain, disability and intensive medical treatment.

This is why malpractice cases involving a birth injury are among the most heartbreaking. In some cases, a child will be disabled for life because the obstetrician or another medical professional failed to give mother and baby the proper care they deserved.

How to safely use electric heaters

Because most areas of California have a year-round temperature that is comfortable and freezing temperatures rarely occur, families may use electric or portable heaters as supplement heat sources when temperatures do dip on occasion. While these heaters can be a great source of warmth, they do not come without risks. Anyone using an electric heater should be aware of the dangers associated with them.

Fire risks are high with portable heaters according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Burns are another common risk. Heater surfaces can get very hot, although some may come with a cool touch safety feature. On the plus side, electric heaters do not have to be vented and do not produce a risk to air quality. Tipping is something to be aware of because it can easily lead to fires. However, many heaters have safety features that automatically cause the unit to turn off if tipped over.

What is medical malpractice?

If you have seen a doctor, stayed in a hospital or received medical care of any kind in California, you are probably aware of the duty medical professionals have to their patients to offer adequate and competence service. This professional duty means that if a doctor, nurse or other medical provider is negligent, you have the right to take them to court for medical malpractice.

According to Forbes, medical malpractice is when a medical professional does not meet the standard of care in treating you. Malpractice can occur if you are misdiagnosed, given the wrong medication or anything else that would cause you harm occurs due to the actions of medical personnel. Not getting the outcome you want, though, is not malpractice. There has to have been negligence or wrong-doing.

California truck crash kills 2; leaves little girl with broken neck

If you drive south of Santa Clara along the coast for about eight hours, you will arrive in the San Diego suburb of La Mesa. It is there that an 18-wheeler inexplicably drifted into oncoming traffic and slammed into two passenger cars.

Two women in one of the cars were killed; six other people, including two little girls -- ages 4 and 6 -- were injured in the crashes on State Route 125. Law enforcement officials said the 6-year-old suffered catastrophic injuries that include a broken neck.

Stolen car going wrong way crashes into van, injures 9

Travelling at highway speeds increases the harm you can suffer in a car accident -- especially in a head-on collision. It is rare for a face-to-face crash to happen on the highway, but when it does it is generally a catastrophe.

No matter how careful and responsible you are, you may not have enough time to get out of the way of a wrong-way motorist going 55 mph or faster. The resulting wreck can cause you terrible injuries that leave you with physical and/or mental limitations the rest of your life.

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